Day to day living with MS

Family life and MS

MS can affect many aspects of daily family life, depending what symptoms the person with MS has. Roles within the family may need to be altered.

Employment, education and MS

Many people with MS continue to work or study. Some may find they need to make adjustments to be able carry on.

Having MS and starting a family

People are often diagnosed with MS during their childbearing ages. If you are thinking of conceiving or you are pregnant and have MS, find out more about what to expect.

Relationships and intimacy

Because sexual response is mediated by the central nervous system, MS can cause changes that affect a person's usual ways of expressing sexuality.

Telling people you have MS

Telling other people you have MS can be difficult but also helpful. Read ideas about who to tell, when to tell them, and what to say, and how they may react.

Keeping healthy

Read about ways to use diet, exercise, stress management,travel, leisure activities and health-promotion activities to live in a healthy way with MS.