My story of MS

There are people with MS in every country of the world, each living in different circumstances and with different access to help and support.

The personal stories from the individuals featured below show how the hopes, hardships and uncertainties of living with MS are global and – we hope – will be an inspiration for others living with MS.

Alexia Zannettidou, Cyprus
Despite the little support provided by the government, and competing demands for her time and energy, Alexia is a woman who has overcome the odds to live the life she wants despite having MS... Read more

Sean Hegarty, UK
It took a long time for Sean to get a confirmed diagnosis of progressive relapsing MS, an unusual form of the diesease. He has learnt to live with it and enjoy life... Read more

Hao Xiang, China
Hao Xiang’s life couldn’t have changed more since he was diagnosed with MS. An aspiring student, he has had to drop out of high school... Read more

Artyom Golovin, Russia
Artyom is an accordion player, conductor and music teacher, who lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia. His medication is not covered by the public health system... Read more

Hanin Hammoudeh, Jordan
Hanin, aged 41, lives in Amman, Jordan and has had MS for 18 years. It took almost a year from experiencing symptoms to being diagnosed, but since then... Read more

Li Ping, Malaysia
Li Ping, 40, is Chinese and lives in Malaysia. She was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Read more