Fatigue in MS can be described as a feeling of extreme mental or physical exhaustion. It is one of the most common symptoms of MS. Find out why it occurs and how it can be managed.

Cognition and emotion changes

Some of the most common but hidden symptoms of MS are the changes some people experience related to memory, processing information and their moods.

Bladder, bowel and sexual problems

Bladder and bowel problems occur commonly in MS, and a loss of sensation can cause sexual dysfunction for some people. Find out why and what can help.


Pain is a common symptom in MS which can impact on daily life activities, such as work and recreation, and on a person's mood and enjoyment of life. Discover what can help.

Movement and coordination problems

MS can cause problems with movement such as spasticity, ataxia and problems with coordination, muscle weakness and balance. Find out why and what can help.

Visual problems

MS symptoms can include a number of visual problems such as blurred or double vision, colour clarity, optic neuritis and involuntary rapid eye movement. Find out why and more.