Disease-modifying treatments

Disease-modifying treatments aim to prevent or reduce the number of MS relapses that occur and thereby reduce the accumulation of disability over the person's lifetime.

Treating MS symptoms

A number of treatments have been tested for MS symptoms with some success, particularly when combined with other management techniques. Find out more.

Other treatments and treating relapses

When disease-modifying treatments do not work effectively, or a relapse occurs, there are other treatment options available. Find out the details.

Rehabilitation and physical therapies

For many people with MS, pharmacological treatment alone is not enough. Rehabilitation can improve mobility and allow a person to continue and function in their daily life.

Complementary and alternative therapies

Many people use complementary or alternative therapies alongside conventional treatments. Find out which work for MS and which to avoid.

Clinical trials and treatment development

Ever wondered how treatments for MS are developed or what it is like to take part in a clinical trial? Learn about it in our guide to clinical trials.