2011 Evelyn Nicholson Award winner

Ana Silvia Baraja de GarciaAna Silvia Barajas de García, from Jiutepec in Mexico, is the winner of the 2011 Evelyn Nicholson Award for International Caregiver. Ana Silvia cares for her husband, who is severely disabled as a result of MS, and is a spokeswoman for EMMEX, the MS Federation in Mexico, and President of the regional MS association, ZOE.

Ana Silvia worked in journalism for 24 years. In 2006, she retired to care full-time for her husband, Héctor García, a former veterinary surgeon, who is severely disabled as a result of MS. Ana Silvia is Hector’s sole carer, and supports him in staying active despite his mobility difficulties.

Together, Ana Silvia and Héctor developed ZOE, an association to support people with MS in Mexico’s Morelos region. Ana Silvia edits three websites dedicated to MS and also cares for her young son.

Peer Baneke, MSIF Chief Executive, said, “The Evelyn Nicholson Award is an opportunity to acknowledge carers’ importance in the global MS movement. All the nominees this year showed remarkable qualities, but Ana Silvia’s outstanding commitment particularly impressed the judges. She is not only a great support to her husband but also to all those people with MS who benefit from her work with EMMEX and ZOE.”

Ana Silvia Barajas de García says:

“Staying active has kept us emotionally healthy. Héctor’s condition hasseen improvements and, for me, using my skills has greatly increased myself-esteem. My husband’s achievements make me very proud.”

Visit the EMMEX website.