The Charcot Award is given once every two years to recognise a lifetime of achievement in outstanding research into the understanding or treatment of MS.

The winner of the 2015 award is Professor Giancarlo Comi.

Past winners of the Charcot Award

2013    Professor Stephen Hauser USA
2011    Prof Larry Steinman        USA
2009    Prof John Prineas             Australia
2007       Prof Alastair Compston                 UK
2005       Prof Hans Lassmann       Austria
2003       Dr Henry McFarland        USA
2001       Prof Hartmut Wekerle   Germany
1999       Prof John Kurtzke            USA
1995       Prof Donald Paty              Canada
1993       Dr Byron Waksman         USA
1991       Prof Ian McDonald          UK
1988       Dr Yoshigoro Kuroiwa     Japan
1985       Dr Richard T Johnson      USA
1983       Dr Leonard T Kurland      USA
1981       Dr Helmut Bauer              Germany
1969       Dr Douglas McAlpine      UK

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