Research awards, grants and fellowships

Charcot Award

The Charcot Award is made every two years, celebrating a lifetime achievement in outstanding research into the understanding or treatment of MS.

McDonald Fellowships

The McDonald Fellowship is an annual award made to young researchers from emerging countries.

Du Pré Grants

Du Pré Grants offer young researchers a chance to make short visits to other MS research centres to learn more or to carry out parts of joint research projects.

MSIF Young Researchers Award

The Young Researchers Award is given to a young researcher at the annual European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) congress.

International Research Meeting grants

MSIF's International Research Meeting Grants support the organisation of research meetings focused on collaborative MS research.

MSIF Research Alumni

MSIF aims to stimulate international collaborative MS research and, in particular, engage the interest of young researchers and encourage them to remain involved in the MS field.