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There are MS organisations in many countries around the world that provide information and support for people with multiple sclerosis and their families. Search our global MS network below or click on the map.

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Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation

The MS Research Foundation encourages research into MS through its funding of research at universities and institutions. The Foundation disseminates MS information to a wide audience and contributes towards the treatment of people with the disease

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Multiple Sclerosis Society in Jordan

MS Society in Jordan works to increase MS awareness and assist families of people with MS in their understanding and management of the disease. It provides information on the latest research and treatments and helps those in need to secure treatment and therapies.

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Multiple Sclerosis Society in Romania

The MS Society in Romania works to protect the fundamental rights of people with MS by providing support, services and training to the MS community and ensuring that the public are informed about MS and the national MS movement. The Society also seeks to inform and advise national and local health bodies to ensure that the treatment, therapy and care options available are the most effective.

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Multiple Sclerosis Society of Austria

The MS Society Austria, alongside the medical community, provides information, advice and assistance to people with MS and supports the furthering of MS research.

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Multiple Sclerosis Society of Barbados Inc.

The MS Society of Barbados provides support for people with MS and an opportunity for them to come together, share ideas and promote self-help. The Society also lobbies decision-makers to improve the quality of life for people with MS and raises awareness of the disease amongst the public.

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