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There are MS organisations in many countries around the world that provide information and support for people with multiple sclerosis and their families. Search our global MS network below or click on the map.

MS organisations

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Polish Multiple Sclerosis Association

The Polish MS Association works to inform the MS community and general public about the disease and to improve the quality of life of people affected, including improved access to treatment and rehabilitation therapies.

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Portuguese Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Portuguese MS Society works to better inform people with MS and their families and the general public about all aspects of the disease; offers a range of support services to the MS community and supports research into the development and improvement of MS treatment.

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RENACER Dominican Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

'RENACER' the Dominican MS Foundation supports people with MS and their families and provides them with assistance to help improve their quality of life. The Foundation aims to educate society about the disease, putting MS on the public agenda.

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Russian MS Society

The All-Russian MS Society provides comprehensive help and support to people affected by MS and other demyelinating diseases so that they may fully integrate into society.

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