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There are MS organisations in many countries around the world that provide information and support for people with multiple sclerosis and their families. Search our global MS network below or click on the map.

MS organisations

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Bahrain MS Patients Society

Information provision, advocacy and campaigns

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Bolivian Association Against Multiple Sclerosis

The Bolivian Association Against MS informs people affected by MS about the latest research and treatment into the disease, involves the MS community in its activities and provides services in the home.

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Brazilian Multiple Sclerosis Association

The Brazilian MS Association helps to guide people with MS and their families by providing accurate MS information and offering a range of services.

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Chilean MS Association

The MS Association provides information and assistance to people with MS and ensures they have the latest on MS research. Their MS awareness-raising work is carried out through campaigns and events.

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Costa Rican MS Association

The Costa Rican Association for the Fight Against MS provides people with MS and their families with information on MS symptoms, disease courses and treatment.

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