Supporting MS organisations

One of MSIF’s main strategic aims is to support and encourage the development and strengthening of MS organisations around the world. MSIF believes that national MS organisations, with the contextual knowledge, cultural awareness and local language, are best placed to meet the needs of people with MS. 
We maintain regular contact and offer practical support and guidance to small and developing MS organisations via email; online and printed information; international exchange and visits by MSIF staff and Board members.
MSIF’s current focus areas are the Arab and Pan-Asia regions. Through both country-specific and regional approaches, we will provide training, advice and support as well as bringing regional and linguistic groups together to share best practice and strengthen organisational capacity through regular, targeted training opportunities.

As part of our work in China in 2012, we interviewed people living with MS or NMO (neuromyelitis optica) about the challenges of MS, the support they need and their hopes for the future, and made it into a film: