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News from MS organisations | 23 April 2013

Month of birth may influence risk of MS by promoting changes in immune system development

Researchers from the UK investigated why people born in May appear to have a higher risk of developing MS than those born in November.


MSIF news | 18 April 2013

MS in focus issue on fatigue now available in Farsi

The fatigue issue of MS in focus is now available to download in Farsi.


News from MS organisations | 13 April 2013

EMSP Spring Conference

The European MS Platform's Spring Conference takes place in Brussels from 2-4 May, 2013.


News from MS organisations | 11 April 2013

Australia MS Mud Run 2012 video now live

Our colleagues at the MS Society of South Australia and Northern Territory have launched a video that captures the success of MS Mud Run 2012.


MSIF news | 09 April 2013

Second issue of Arabic e-newsletter now available for download

The second issue of of Tawasol, the e-newsletter for MS organisations in the Arabic-speaking region, is now available for download. The newsletter, which is co-ordinated and edited by MSIF, aims to keep the Arabic-speaking world up to date ...


News from MS organisations | 02 April 2013

Japanese MS Society hosts second seminar

On 10 March, around 100 people affected by MS and their family and friends, MS health professionals, industry representatives and the general public attended Japan MS Society’s (日本多発性硬化症協会 – JMSS) second MS seminar in Tokyo, Japan.


News from MS organisations | 28 March 2013

New MS drug approved for use in the US

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) capsules to treat adults with relapsing forms of MS.


MSIF news | 26 March 2013

Something has changed around here

We hope you like our new-look website! Thanks to everyone who sent their feedback on the beta site. Keep sending us your ideas and suggestions.


MSIF news | 26 March 2013

International Pediatric MS Study Group publishes report on clinical trials in children with MS

On 19 March 2013 the journal Neurology published a meeting report from the International Pediatric MS Study Group (IPMSSG) Therapeutic Summit Workshop entitled "Towards Therapeutic Trials in ...


MSIF news | 15 March 2013

Professor Stephen Hauser wins prestigious international award for MS research

MSIF is delighted to announce that Prof Stephen L. Hauser, is the 2013 winner of the Charcot award in recognition of his pioneering studies in MS genetic susceptibility and role in translating immunologic findings into clinical trials.