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News from MS organisations | 07 March 2013

First results from NMSS-funded CCSVI study published

First results from an NMSS-supported study investigating CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) using several different imaging techniques to examine blood outflow from the brain have been published.


News from MS organisations | 07 March 2013

High-salt diets linked to autoimmune diseases

A trio of studies from the US found that increased salt consumption may be one of the culprits behind rising rates of autoimmune diseases such as MS.


News from MS organisations | 06 March 2013

DTI may help monitor cognitive impairment in MS

Researchers from The Netherlands report that they were able to distinguish between people with MS who had cognitive impairment (such as memory and concentration problems) and those who did not, based on brain scans using DTI.


MSIF news | 28 February 2013

Breaking down barriers together: MSIF, Ciwawa and MS/NMO China

The MS International Federation is proud to support Ciwawa on the International Rare Diseases Day in China.


News from MS organisations | 21 February 2013

‘Like fireworks in the morning’: Pavel Zlobin of ARMSS shares his account of the meteor crash that shook Russia

Read the story of Pavel Zlobin from the All-Russian MS Society, who witnessed the meteorite strike.


MSIF news | 19 February 2013

MSIF China consultants visit Institute of Neurology and UK MS Society

In January 2013, MSIF’s consultants Daniel Alberman and Clare Pan attended a series of meetings at the MSIF Secretariat to report back on MSIF’s capacity-building work in China to date ...


News from MS organisations | 14 February 2013

New MS documentary airs on CBC Radio

CBC reporter Priya Sankaran’s new documentary, called ‘Multiple Sclerosis: The White Man’s Disease’, aired on CBC Radio programme The Sunday Edition on 10 February 2013.


MSIF news | 12 February 2013

2013 MSIF awards for people with MS and caregivers now open

Nominations for the James D Wolfensohn Award for International Person with MS, and the Evelyn Nicholson Award for International Caregiver are now open.


News from MS organisations | 07 February 2013

Obesity associated with increased risk of MS in girls

Researchers have found that being overweight or obese was associated with an increased risk of developing MS or clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) in girls.


MSIF news | 29 January 2013

2013 Du Pré Grants open!

Nominations for the first round of the MSIF Du Pré Grants for research into MS are now open. The deadline for nominations is 22 February 2013.