Definitions of MS reviewed

The International Advisory Committee on Clinical Trials in MS has reviewed the current definitions of MS.

After reviewing the medical literature and organising an international workshop, the committee has made recommendations that modify prior clinical course descriptions.

It has recommended retaining much of what are thought to be the courses of MS – relapsing-remitting, secondary-progressive and primary progressive.

It has also recommended reclassing progressive-relapsing as an active form of primary progressive MS.

The committee recommends that clinicians determine not just a person’s course of MS, but then sub-categorize that course as active or not active, or as progressing (worsening) or not progressing, based on clinical evidence of changes in disability.

The committee believes this will give a truer picture of what an individual experiences, can better inform treatment decisions, and refine clinical trial design and recruitment.

The workshop was supported by the National Society, the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ECTRIMS), the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in MS, the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and the MS Society of Canada.

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