MSIF launches country-focused programme in the Arab region

A two-year country-focused capacity building programme was launched this year by MSIF targeting three MS organisations from the Arab region. 

The programme was initiated with visits by MSIF’s Regional Capacity Building Manager, Abdelfatah Ibrahim, in May and June 2013 to meet with three selected organisations, the Lebanese MS Friends Society (ALSEP), MS Care Egypt and Multiple Sclerosis Patients Friends - Palestine (MSPF), and to carry out an organisational capacity assessment to find out each organisation’s main areas of need. 

In order to ensure the involvement of people with MS from the earliest stage of the projects, focus group discussions with people with MS in the three countries were organised before starting the capacity assessment process. By the end of each visit, MSIF and the Board members of the selected organisations worked together to develop 2013-2014 Action Plans. 

"The meetings were very interactive and well-organised and have explored all the small details and issues about the Society. The process has also introduced a new development perspective that I never thought about before. The ideas flow was perfect and productive," an MS Care Member who participated said.

The aim of the programme is to build the capacity of three organisations from the Arab region to enable them to increase the support they can offer people with MS in their countries.

ALSEP identified fundraising and the lack of a management system as the two areas of need; strategic planning and public relations are the areas that MS Care will focus on while MSPF selected strategic planning and fundraising as its areas of focus.


"It was great to work with the three organisations to do the capacity assessment and set the future action plans in a very participatory way… I enjoyed working with them and look forward to the implementation of the plans." Abdelfatah said.