New MSIF advisory group of people with MS

The People with MS Advisory Committee (PMSAC) is a newly formed group who will advise the MSIF Board of Trustees on any issues related to the needs and aspirations of people with and affected by MS.

PMSAC provides the Board and MSIF Secretariat with advice and perspectives on the needs of people with and affected by MS directly from people with MS. It is formed of members of the Board with MS, and other people with MS who fulfil an active function in a Member organisation.

Establishment of the group was agreed at the April 2012 Board and Committee meetings, and after a period of scoping and review, the committee has now begun to operate. PMSAC replaces the Persons with MS International Committee (PwMSIC).

Current PMSAC members are:

Martin Stevens (UK)

John Golding (Norway)
Sophie Galland-Froger (France)
Pille-Katrin Levin (Estonia)
Guy De Vos (Belgium)
Mindy Alpert (USA)

PMSAC will meet twice a year, including once at the annual MSIF Board and Committee meetings.

Network of member society contact persons
MSIF Member organisations will be invited to nominate a contact person who has MS who will connect with PMSAC. The contact persons will be asked their ideas and opinions on MSIF matters.