Research information tops wish list in communications survey

The most-requested content on MSIF’s website includes research, treatment, care and support, according to MSIF’s latest global communications survey. Research was mentioned by 84 per cent of all respondents and treatment, care and support by 78 per cent.

The communications survey was emailed to 39,444 people on Tuesday 12 November 2013 and the survey closed 17 days later, on Friday 29 November.

A total of 2,770 people took part in the survey, a response rate of seven per cent.  Two thirds were women, and 28 per cent aged under 40. Just over 2,000 respondents (74 per cent) were living with MS.

Respondents were able to give feedback on MSIF’s current communication channels – including the website, e-newsletters Research News and Making Connections, and MS in Focus magazine. Among other findings, 83 per cent agreed that Making Connections was relevant and 84 per cent agreed they trusted the content.

Respondents could choose to take the survey in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portugese, Russian or Spanish. The most frequently chosen languages were English (chosen by 73 per cent of all respondents), Spanish (11 per cent) and German (7 per cent).

Respondents were most likely to live in the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany or Australia.

Tim Pemberton, MSIF head of communications, said: “A big thank you to all those who completed our recent communications survey. As with any complex set of data, the results can be interpreted in many ways, and we will be analysing the data in detail over the next few weeks to understand what our audiences are telling us.”

He added: "This has given us some useful information and feedback, which we will consider alongside data from our website and social media channels.

“All of this will help contribute to a new communications strategy that meets the needs of all MSIF’s stakeholders.”

You can download the survey as PowerPoint slides using the following links:

Communications survey results all languages

Communications survey results Arabic
Communications survey results Chinese
Communications survey results English
Communications survey results French
Communications survey results German
Communications survey results Portugese
Communications survey results Russian
Communications survey results Spanish