Staff learn about progressive MS

Patrick Burke from Buckinghamshire in the UK spoke to MSIF staff in November about living with secondary progressive MS.

Patrick spoke with honesty and openness about his personal experiences of having the condition and its impact on his work and social life.

He also spoke about his new UK-based business, which provides information for physically disabled people to enable them to become more independent and improve their quality of life. 

Talks like these are important to MSIF staff - they remind us why we do the work we do, and why we must continue to work with our member MS organisations to help improve the quality of life of people with MS  and to support research, particularly for those affected by progressive MS.

Chief executive Peer Baneke said:
“The recent MSIF People with MS forum in Berlin concluded that we should show the reality of MS – the good as well as the bad. We really appreciated that Patrick helped us understand both those sides of his experience without holding back.”