Campaign successes in Palestine

Since it was established in 2004, the Multiple Sclerosis Patients’ Friends Society of Palestine (MSPF) has been tirelessly campaigning to raise awareness of MS and improve access to treatment.

A number of the Society’s recent campaigns and successes are highlighted below:

• Two transport companies now display MSPF information stickers and posters on their buses as they travel from city to city. The Society has reached out to many more people through this publicity drive.

• MSPF Board and active members participate in a weekly MS radio programme, so far three radio stations air the programme. The Society also contributes to a monthly television programme.

• Three years ago, the Society successfully petitioned the Health Ministry to include MS treatment in the national insurance scheme, making the treatment more affordable. In the face of political and economic challenges, the Society continues to campaign to ensure people with MS have a number of low-cost treatment options from which to chose.

• Currently the Society is working with the Ministry of Social Work to make MS information available in pharmacies. To this end the Society hopes to print MSIF’s MS in focus series in Arabic to distribute in Palestine.

• The MSPF, in collaboration with a telecom company in Palestine, now has a free telephone number for people with MS to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any local land line number.

In the future the MSPF plans to establish a telephone help line; increase the participation of relatives and friends of people with MS through a number of committees; fundraise through monthly sales of food made by people with MS and provide further support and services including sporting activities. Working with international and regional NGOs it is also looking to renovate its headquarters and to make the offices air conditioned for people taking part in its activities; most welcome due to the hot climate.

Visit the MSPF website for more information