Seventh edition of the Arabic MS newsletter now out

The 7th edition of Tawasol (The Arabic language MS e-newsletter) is now available to view online. It covers news and activities from MS organisations in the Arab region during the months of January, April and June 2014.

The issue features a report of participation of delegates from the Arab region in MSIF Board meetings in Manchester. It also features World MS Day, the launch of the One day wish website and participation from Arab region.

12 organisations from 11 Arab countries contributed to the newsletter and there is a contribution from Saudi Arabia for the first time.

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English Summary

 1.    Updates from MSIF

  • -    Participation of delegates from Arab region in MSIF Board meetings in Manchester.
  • -    World MS Day, the launch of One day wish website and participation from the Arab region.
  • -    MSIF follow up visits in June to set 2015 capacity building activities

2.    Saudi MS Advisory Group

Celebrating World MS Day: The group organised two events one in Riyadha city and another in Al Khobar city talk to people with MS about the rights and services available to them. They have also called on business/orgs to turn the light up their buildings in orange. 

3.    Attafaol MS Society – Libya

-    Celebrating World MS Day in Libya for first time by organising an event where different MS topics were discussed. Gifts were distributed to attendees.
-    The society organised a joint seminar with Health Professionals Higher Institute about MS.

4.    MS Society in Aden, Yemen

-    The society participated in a student event where an active member explained MS to the participants.
-    Celebrating WMSD:
Day 1: The society organised an event attended by representatives from different sectors (government, media, civil society .etc. The programme included presenting a poem and songs about MS.
Day 2: An awareness raising event in Aden mall where volunteers distributed flyers and brochures and educated people about MS.
5.    Tunisian MS Society

-    The society signed an agreement with the Tunisian Association of Preserving the Traditional Sports and Games aiming to organise different cultural and entertaining activities for people with MS to integrate them in social life.
-    The society organised media and information day that include two different sessions about MS related topics.
-    The society celebrated World MS Day over 2 days. The first day’s programme included medical sessions by a Professor from Pont Chaillou hospital in France and nutrition specialist from the National Institute for Nutrition. The second day’s programme included; cycle race with other organisations, dinner that had many entertainment shows. It was attended by 150 people and a Tunisian renowned actor also attended the dinner.
-    The society participated in an information and media day organised by a Parkinsons Organisation. Following the event the society has proposed to cooperate and work together with Parkinson Organisation and Alzheimers Organisation in dealing with the government for the benefit of the patients.

6.    MS Care Egypt

-    The society participated in a day organised by another NGO ‘Dream’ to find the way of providing people with MS with job opportunities. The society has also facilitated sending people with MS's CVs to businesses to create job opportunities.
-    The society organised an entertainment trip to city of Alexandria.
-    The society organised a lunch for members.
-    The society celebrated World MS Day on 13 June 2014. It included Education session about MS, Q&A sessions. It was attended by PwMS from city of Alexandria and other cities. The event was covered in the national TV news.  .

7.    Bahraini MS Society
-    The society celebrated World MS Day by organising a workshop including different sessions related to MS and treatments. It was attended by around 100 people. The society has also launched a series of clips/short videos.  

8.    UAE MS Support Group

-    The society organised the 5th Patient Forum.
-    The society organised an awareness campaign celebration with World MS Day. It targeted universities, malls and governmental offices. One of these events was attended by Shiekh Mohamed Bin Khalifa.
-    The society participated in a seminar on family and society organised by Human Rights Directorate in Ministry of Interior and UAE Policewomen Association. The seminar was attended by organisations whose work has an impact on families.

9.     MS Society in Jordan
-    The society celebrated World MS Day by organising an event where people with MS, supporters and donors invited. There was open air Yoga session. Dinner was also provided.
-    The society launched its awareness raising campaign for medical centres in Jordan under the auspices of MP, Haitham Abou Khadiga.
-    The society ,in collaboration with the Higher Council of people with Disability, has organised a workshop on rights for people with MS.

10.    The Society of Lebanese Friends of patients with MS  

-    The society organised an event attended by 300 people in Zahle city to raise awareness about MS. It was attended by Zahle Mayor. A film ‘Nisswan’ (Women) displayed and the author and actors attended the display.
-    The society participated in Beirut Women's Marathon.
-    The society held meeting with the Head of Union for People with Disability to explore future cooperation. The society has also attended one of the Union events.

11.    Moroccan MS Society

-    The society president participated in seminar about Dignity of Moroccan Women, as one of the models of women who fight against MS and also leading an organisation to support people with MS rights.
-     The society have also organised an event/ceremony to show tribute to Professor Yehiayi, a neurologist, for his support to the organistion and people with MS.  
-    The society celebrated World MS Day by organising an education event about MS. The event had media coverage.

12.    Al Hayah MS Society, Iraq
-    The society attended a meeting with representatives from Pharmaceutical companies in Iraq to discuss means of future cooperation.
-    The society organised an education event about MS in celebration of World MS Day with support from Neurological Society and Pharmaceutical companies. Gifts were given to people with MS.
-    The society started to disseminate survey to help the society understand patients’ conditions.
-    An online meeting held with Abdelfatah from MSIF to talk through ways of identifying patients’ needs and activities to meet those needs as well as MSIF principles to deal with Health care industry.
-     The society has signed an agreement for the premises/office of the society.
-    An online meeting was held between the society and media people to agree on communication and media work that the society will do to raise the awareness about MS and the society.

13.    Sazgar MS Society in Kurdistan, Iraq

-    The society celebrated World MS Day by organising an education event. The event had good local media coverage.

A Message page (This page is written by a person has a relation with MS such as patient, caregiver, head of organisation, health professional,..etc) to talk about her/his experience with MS and her/his message to MS community

 My story with MS

I'm Bayan Alqassab, I'm 14 years old and I'll tell you about my story with MS .The story began in 2010 it was so scary and unbearable. It was like having  something but not knowing what was it , of course I wasn't diagnosed that time I was too young to have MS I was 11 , and after three years from that year which I had my second attack where I was diagnosed in .

 I live with MS in a simple way there is a bit of drama of course and it was hard at the begging but with my family beside me in this journey it made it easier.

The worst thing in my country that I think is that there is no awareness about Multiple Scleroses so you don't know much about it which made it harder. For an example: when you are in school and you're tired you've to explain the illness to the school nurse imagine that. My respond to that horrible fact that I did an awareness day in school so i made my school mates and the teachers know what's MS , I don't attend to stop now I want to take it to a bigger scale .

My fellow illness mates don't give up we can do more. We are special don't look at is as an illness look at, like it’s a journey you have to take I know sometimes it gets dark in the way but that’s the way that's lights are made.

My sister once told me it's not Multiple Scleroses it's Me special so let's stay special.