Who we are

Current members of the Progressive MS Alliance are:

(Danish MS Society)

(Italian MS Association)

(MS Society, UK)

(National MS Society, USA)

Ending progressive MS is an urgent and unmet need that must be overcome so that people can live their lives without the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring.

While there is better understanding and effective therapies for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, treatments for progressive MS have eluded us for decades.  Solutions for progressive MS will require an internationally driven effort to develop new knowledge and effective treatments.  Finding answers to end progressive MS will bring hope for the 2.1 million people worldwide living with the uncertainty of what MS will bring for them tomorrow.

The Progressive MS Alliance is an ever-expanding alliance of organisations from around the world, with current managing members including the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US), Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society, and MS Society (UK).

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