The Atlas of MS database provides information and data on the epidemiology of MS and the availability and accessibility of resources for people with MS at country, regional, and global levels.

You can search the Atlas of MS in two ways:

If you want to search the contents of the database and view the results as maps, charts or spreadsheets, use query data. Please note that not all variables are available in this section.

If you want to download the full dataset for an individual country or for a particular variable across all counties in the dataset, use export data.

How to query data

The Query box enables users to search the database within pre-defined regions, each consisting of several countries.

The Query page consists of two boxes, the upper one for querying data submitted in the 2013 Atlas of MS survey, and the lower one for querying data submitted in the 2008 Atlas of MS Survey. These two boxes are searched independently. Most, but not all, variables are shared by the two years, and selecting the same category, variable and region allows comparison between them.

To query the data for a year first select a category from the drop down menu in the query box. You will then be asked to select a variable from the adjacent drop down menu, and then a region from the final drop down menu. You do not need to specify a year. Once you have selected category, variable and region click on “go”. You will then be able to select whether to view the data as a map, bar chart/pie chart or as raw data in an excel spreadsheet, by clicking on the appropriate button under “Options” on the right hand side of the box. Hovering the arrow over a country on the map will display the name of that country, and where applicable a numerical value corresponding to the selected variable.

Compare data: When you have run a query as described above you will find under “Options” a button marked “Compare data”. Clicking “Compare data” brings up a new query box where you can search for another category, variable or country in the same year, and view alongside the results from your first query.

How to export data

This facility allows you to either export all data for one country or export different categories of data across all countries for further analysis and comparison.

To export all data for one country select the country from the drop down menu “Select country” for the year you are interested in and click on the ”export“ button. You may be asked to allow a pop-up from, if you see this message please click “allow once” or “always allow” to proceed, and reselect the country for export. The data for a country will be exported foe download as a PDF file.

To export data for a category click on the category of data from the left-hand drop down menu “Select category”, and then click on the variable from the right hand drop down. You can either (a) click first option at the top of the variable drop down menu to export all the data in that category, or (b) select one of the individual variables below.

Click on the “Select” button, which will bring up a list of the variables that you have selected. At this point you have the option to remove any variables that you do not wish to export. Once you have done this click on the “Export” button, which will export the data as a Microsoft Excel file.

Click on the “Select” button, which will display the values for the selected variable in each country. When you are satisfied that this is the data you wish to export click on “select” and then click on the “Export” button, which will export the data as a Microsoft Excel file.

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