Organisations wanting to become supporting organisations need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a focus on MS
  • Provide reliable evidence-based information and advice
  • Be independent of government, political parties and pharmaceutical companies
  • Work nationally (unless there is no national MS organisation)
  • Be legally incorporated and registered with the relevant national authority as a not for profit (charitable, public welfare or similar) organisation with a suitable governing document (constitution/ statutes/byelaws/memorandum and articles/charter, or similar)
  • Keep accurate annual records of its income, expenditure and assets, open for scrutiny by the MS International Federation
  • Undertake to communicate and network with other supporting organisations and the MS International Federation member organisation in their country, or participate in coordination meetings if called by the member organisation
  • Are based in a country with an MS International Federation member organisation (i.e. they cannot be branches of existing members or supporting organisations)
  • Have processes to include people with MS that enable them to influence the organisation
  • Are of good standing within the country, as judged by MS International Federation’s member there.

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