We could not exist without the vital support of the people and organisations that fund our work.

In 2018 our total income was £1,498,243*. That income came from a variety of supporters and this section will describe the types of supporters and how much income we received from them.

Membership income and project support

The primary purpose of the MS International Federation is to support its members and bring them together to achieve things together, for people affected by MS, that would be difficult or impossible separately. As a membership organisation part of our income is made up of membership fees, which is sometimes supplemented by project-specific contributions.

Membership income in 2018: £321,778

Project income from MSIF members in 2018: £256,622

Corporate support

Corporate support includes income from any company, and includes support from trusts/foundations established by companies for tax-efficiency purposes. It does not include money from personal or family foundations established by company owners.

  • Biogen £37,410
  • Celgene £51,609
  • Merck £152,607
  • Novartis £42,040
  • Roche £115,000
  • Sanofi Genzyme £167,612

Total corporate support in 2018: £566,278

Trust, foundation and NGO support

Trust and foundations are legally registered entities that exist to manage and grant money for a particular purpose. We include all trusts and foundations in this category except those established by companies for tax-efficiency purposes.

  • Vanneau Trust £148,500
  • Wolfensohn Family Foundation £7,166**
  • ECTRIMS £64,000
  • MENACTRIMS £21,501

Total trust and foundation support: £241,167

Individual support

Individual support includes a range of different kinds of donors from people making small one-off donations on our website or bank transfer, people fundraising for us as individuals or as teams, board giving, and up to major donors making significant gifts. We will declare any gift from an individual over £25,000.

Smaller donations (total): £97,243


This is for income from any other category, smaller individual donations, investments, interest etc.

Total other income: £15,165


*Subject to final approval of auditors (as of 01/04/2019)

**Income received from the CAF America (US)