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  • We are hiring! MSIF is looking for a motivated individual with a background in finance, to join MSIF as our part-time Finance Officer. Find out more and apply via @CharityJob here: msintfederation.org/financeofficer pic.twitter.com/DaJalwoxjC
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  • Dr Mariano Marrodan from Argentina is one of the 2022 MSIF Du Pré Grant winners🏅 Dr Marrodan will be studying the treatment response of previously untreated MS patients given high-efficacy treatment. Learn more & meet our other awardees 👉 msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… 🔬 #MSResearch pic.twitter.com/fy23WWhEOO
  • An international panel of MS experts has published a paper that proposes a new approach to how different types of MS are typically described. 📰 Watch this video to hear more from Tim Coetzee, from the @mssociety (USA), and read more here: bit.ly/3hCN58Z twitter.com/mssociety/stat…
  • Dr Gabriela Girafa from Brazil is one of the 2022 MSIF Du Pré Grant winners🏅 Dr Girafa will be studying an early treatment in optic neuritis. Learn more and meet our other awardees 👉 msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… 🔬 #MSResearch pic.twitter.com/iKpcJkiFtQ
  • Dr Enkhzaya Chuluunbaatar from Mongolia is one of the 2022 Du Pré Grant winners🏅 Enkhzaya will systematically review comorbidities associated with MS disease outcomes. Learn more and meet our other awardees 👉 msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… 🔬 #MSResearch pic.twitter.com/CWzZLViGTy
  • Neural stem cell therapy is a type of treatment that has potential benefits for slowing down or even reversing the effects of MS. Learn about the results from the first clinical trial using neural stem cells to treat people with MS. 📣 👉 msintfederation.org/3R7yKPt
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  • Public consultation for MSIF’s recommendations of essential DMT's for MS for low-resource settings closes Friday 27 January. ⏰ MSIF has been working with an international panel, @cochrane and @GRADE_Center. Read the recommendations and comment here. 📣👉 msintfederation.org/consultation
  • Meet Dr Agustin Pappolla from Argentina who is the the 2022 MSIF-ARSEP McDonald Fellow 🏅 Dr Pappolla aims to link blood biomarkers to the treatment response in highly aggressive MS. Thank you to @FondationARSEP for funding this Fellowship. 👉 msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… 🔬 pic.twitter.com/p7wWBVuqPj
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  • Meet Dr Kshiteeja Jain from India who is the the 2022 MSIF-ECTRIMS McDonald Fellow.🏅 Dr Jain aims to classify MS cognitive profiles using MRI. Thank you to @ECTRIMS for fully funding this Fellowship. Learn more and meet our other awardees 👉msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… 🔬 #MSResearch pic.twitter.com/XcbzaFDsRf
  • A new Australian study, led by Prof Tomas Kalincik and Dr Izanne Roos (recipient of the 2017 ARSEP-MSIF McDonald Fellowship), investigated the return of MS activity after people stop a range of disease modifying therapies. Read more here. 👉 msintfederation.org/3D0Gug5 twitter.com/MS_Australia/s…
  • This is the moment you have been waiting for, the Cykelnerven 2023 routes are finally here! 📣 This year, the route is based on Stages 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the Tour de France. 🚵 See the whole route here. 👉cykelnerveninternational.org/the-routes
  • Thank you to @ECTRIMS & @FondationARSEP for their support and continued partnership.
  • We are proud to announce the winners of the 2022 McDonald Fellowship and Du Pré Grants!📢 The awards promote international collaboration in #MSResearch and support young MS researchers. Meet our awardees from Argentina, Brazil, India, and Mongolia. msintfederation.org/fellowshipsand… pic.twitter.com/BvkQtwxReR
  • 'The most important thing is that you and others around you know that cog fog can be a symptom of this condition, and you aren’t stupid!’ In this blog from the @mssocietyuk, Craig talks about his experience of cog fog in MS and shares his top three coping strategies. 👇 twitter.com/mssocietyuk/st…
  • There are many ways to protect your independence, whilst ensuring you get the support you need as you age with MS. Find tips on protecting your independence & identity in the graphic below and read more in 'Living well with MS as you grow older'. msintfederation.org/ageingbooklet pic.twitter.com/016h8O0kUB
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  • Public consultation is now open for MSIF’s recommendations of essential disease-modifying therapies for MS for low-resource settings. MSIF has been working with an international panel, @cochrane and @GRADE_Center. You can read and comment here. 📄👉 msintfederation.org/consultation