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  • The MS community is racing to the finish line of #TheMay50K ! You have been smashing your goals whilst raising vital funds for MS research and access to MS treatment. 🔬 💊 So far you have raised an amazing £890,000 globally! Keep smashing your goals. 💪
  • The #WorldMSDay poster maker tool allows you to create your very own campaign artwork, choose a colour and add your photo to create a poster of your own. Available in English, Spanish and Arabic, it’s a great way to spread the word – give it a go! 👉
  • A parent’s diagnosis of MS can be a confusing time for children. This video from the @SchweizMs is a useful tool for parents explaining MS to their children. The video explains the pathology of MS using simple language and engaging illustrations. ➡️
  • Noor from the @mssocietyuk understands the challenges of communicating MS needs to a partner. Her top tips for communicating with a partner are: 🙋‍♀️ Be clear 👀 Explain that not all symptoms ate visible 🏃‍♂️ Don’t push yourself 🤝 Work together
  • Did you know the World MS Day toolkit is available in five languages including Portuguese? 🇵🇹There's lots to explore! Check out the tools and join us campaigning for change this #WorldMSDay. 🛠️ Download the toolkit here: #WorldPortugueseLanguageDay
  • A parent’s diagnosis of MS can be a scary and confusing time for children. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 This video from the @SchweizMs helps parents talk to children about MS and its symptoms.💭 Available in French, German and Italian. You can explore the series here.➡️
  • Lace up your trainers, today is the first day of #TheMay50K! 👟 Across the world, you are getting ready to smash your fitness goals whilst raising funds for MS research and access to MS treatment. If you want to join there is still time! Sign up here:
  • One month to go till #WorldMSDay! 🎉 Join us on 30 May as we raise awareness and celebrate our global solidarity. The theme is ‘connections’. #MSConnections is all about building community connection, self-connection and connections to quality care.
  • ‘Romance can exist anywhere.’ 😍 There are many ways to connect with loved ones even when you are apart. 💖 The Israel MS Society has gathered expert advice from an experienced couple counsellor. Keep the romance alive with these top tips. 👉
  • Applications for MSIF’s McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants are now open. MSIF’s research awards enable MS researchers and clinicians from low and middle-income countries to work abroad. 🌏 👩‍🔬 Find out how to apply here. 👉
  • It's tomorrow! 📣 Join us for the next #ProgressiveMSAlliance webcast. 📽️Find out more on what is being learned about #progressiveMS and the launch of new important research initiatives. Submit your questions and register now:… #MSResearch
  • وقد دخل الاتحاد الدولي لمرض التصلب العصبي المتعدد في شراكة مع مجموعة براءات اختراع الأدوية لمعرفة موعد انتهاء صلاحية براءات اختراع العلاجات المعدلة للأمراض المختلفة المستخدمة في علاج التصلب العصبي المتعدد.⏳ اكتشف المزيد حول هذا المشروع.
  • La MSIF se ha asociado con Medicines Patent Pool para saber cuándo vencen las patentes de los diferentes tratamientos modificadores de la enfermedad que se utilizan para tratar la EM. Obtenga más información sobre este proyecto. 👉
  • MSIF has partnered with the Medicines Patent Pool to understand when the patents of different disease modifying therapies used to treat MS expire.⏳ Learn more about this project and its role in improving access to DMTS for people with MS. 👉
  • It’s not too late to register for next week’s International #ProgressiveMSAlliance webcast. 📣 Join us as we learn about the worldwide research effort for breakthrough treatments for #progressiveMS. Get to know the panel and sign up now. 👉… #MSResearch
  • Register for the next webcast from the #ProgressiveMSAlliance.📣 Professors Robert Fox and Ruth Ann Marrie, will share what is being learned about progressive MS and the launch of new important research initiatives. Sign up here:… #MSResearch
  • لقد حدّث الخبراء الاستشاريون لدي الاتحاد الدولي للتصلب العصبي المتعدد مؤخرًا التوجيهات المتعلقة بكوفيد-19 للأشخاص ذوي التصلّب العصبي المُتعدّد، لتشمل التوجيهات بشأن علاجات كوفيد-19. 👉
  • Los asesores expertos de MSIF han actualizado recientemente los lineamientos sobre la COVID-19 para personas con esclerosis múltiple, con el fin de incluir recomendaciones sobre tratamientos para la COVID-19. 👉
  • MSIF’s expert advisors have recently updated the COVID-19 guidance for people with MS, to include advice about treatments for COVID-19. Read the update for the latest advice from MS clinicians and research experts. 👉
  • Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the 2022 Global MS Choir.🎤Join in harmony as we celebrate global solidarity on #WorldMSDay. Whatever your singing level, everyone in the MS community is welcome. Sign up before next Tuesday here:……