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  • Some people with MS may need support moving parts of their body, but this should not get in the way of getting regular physical activity. This booklet, from the @nationalmssoc focuses on showing your helper how to move and stretch different muscles. 📖👉
  • There is one week left to apply to join our team as a Fundraising Campaigns Manager! We are looking for a successful senior fundraiser or fundraising manager with experience in running virtual and in-person events. Find out more about how to apply here:
  • Physical activity can have additional benefits for people with MS. This booklet by @FondationARSEP, explains the benefits of exercise for people with MS and includes demonstrations on how to perform exercises safely. Read the booklet in French here 🇫🇷📚:
  • Exercise is important for everyone, especially for people with MS.🏃‍♀️ In this 20-minute podcast by @MS_Australia, an MS Exercise Psychologist, discusses the additional benefits of exercise for people with MS and strategies for exercising effectively:
  • Yoga can be a great way to find calmness. This practice from @mssocietyindia walks you through a series of seated movements & breathing exercises, to help promote the flexibility of your spine & improve circulation. ✨ Why not take ten to follow along? 💻👉
  • ‘While yoga won’t cure MS, it can be helpful in managing symptoms…You may not see or feel the benefits right away, but don’t let that discourage you.’ ✨ Read about how Ishita from the @nationalmssoc discovered the benefits of yoga. 💪
  • In June, 18 MSIF cyclists took on Europe’s most challenging charity cycling event, Cykelnerven. Our riders conquered the highest peaks of the Tour de France course to raise funds for MS. Find out more! 🚵‍♂️ 🚵‍♀️
  • There are many ways to adapt a yoga practice to suit an individual’s mobility. In this session from @esclerosiseme, a wall is used to lean on, providing extra support. Follow this practice in Spanish or discover more tutorials for people with MS here. 👉
  • ‘Yoga is definitely a long-term relationship that I won’t be breaking up with any time soon.’ 😍 In this blog, Emma from @MS_Australia talks about her journey of practicing yoga both before and after her MS diagnosis. 🧘👉
  • Yoga can be a great way for people with MS to stay active. 🧘 It focuses on strength and flexibility to improve wellbeing. On the #MSResourceHub there are lots of practical resources about yoga and MS, find tutorials, infographics and booklets here 📚💻:
  • Staying physically active is beneficial to everyone with MS and it's important to learn what strategies work for you. 😀 💪Find out about integrating exercise into your routine, and get advice on managing exercise intensity in this @nationalmssoc video. 👉
  • ‘It’s about finding your “thing” that's right for you. That might not be something that you find straight away, but it's fun trying new things.’ ✨ Emma knows how the highs & lows of life with MS can make it especially hard to keep active. Read her story:
  • We are hiring a Fundraising Campaigns Manager! Are you a successful senior fundraiser or fundraising manager with experience in running virtual and in-person events? This could be the role for you! Find out more about how to apply here:
  • It’s a myth that exercise makes MS symptoms worse. ❌ Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, including those with MS. This video from @MsAustralia tackles this myth about MS exercise. Find out more MS misinformation in the MS MythBusters series. 🤔
  • Staying physically active can help promote general health and have a positive impact on one’s quality of life. There are many ways to stay active which can be adapted to suit MS needs. Stay tuned this week to find out more about exercise and MS. What do you do to keep active?
  • A healthy, balanced diet can contribute to quality of life for people with MS. That’s why @MS_Gesellschaft published this educational booklet which looks at dietary advice for people with MS and the evidence to back it. Download this resource in German 📚:
  • Although there is no special ‘MS Diet’, a healthy diet can complement your MS treatment and help you feel your best. This webinar from @nationalmssoc talks through recent research into MS and nutrition, as well as discussing dietary recommendations.🍽️ 💻
  • Diet and nutrition can impact quality of life. 💪The Israel MS Society published this booklet full of delicious healthy recipes and nutrition advice to help people with MS maintain a healthy diet. 📖 The booklet is available to download in Arabic & Hebrew:
  • Nutrition can play a factor in managing your MS. 🍽️For most people with MS the best diet is a healthy and varied one. Want to know more about nutrition and diet for people with MS? This booklet from the @mssocietyuk covers some of the key topics 📖:
  • Have you ever been told that you can cure MS by changing your diet? There is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and MS online. This infographic from @esclerosiseme unpacks the truths and lies about diet and MS.❎ ✅ Download the Spanish poster here: