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Dr. Mauricio Farez, a neurology resident from Argentina, was awarded one of MSIF’s Du Pré Grants in 2014

There are many fellowships and grants available around the world to individuals specifically for conducting research into multiple sclerosis. This page lists fellowships from MS organisations as well as some from MS centres and research institutions.


We offer grants and fellowships to promising young researchers from emerging countries.

  • McDonald fellowship
    2 year fellowship. £30,000pa to fellow and £2000pa to host institute. Up to 3 offered each year.
  • Du Pre grants
    Short terms grants to enable promising young researchers to travel to work in MS centres of excellence. Up to £5000 each. 5 grants offered.

Australia: MS Research Australia

Fellowships open to Australian and New Zealand Citizens or Australian Permanent residents only.

  • MS Research Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Provides salary support for early career researchers working in the field of MS. Typically three years. Typical amount is $70,000-80,000 per year.
  • MS Research Australia / NHMRC Betty Cuthbert Fellowship
    The four year MS Fellowship provides salary support for researchers working in MS research in the areas of biomedical, clinical, public health or health services.
  • MS Research Australia-NHMRC TRIP Fellowship
    Health care professionals working towards the provision of evidence-based treatment and care of people with MS.
  • Trish MS Research Foundation / Betty Cuthbert Postgraduate Scholarship
    $27,200 a year for up to three years.
  • MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships
    $27,200 per annum for up to three years.
  • Ian Ballard Travel Award
    Enable recipients to undertake an international travel tour with the aim of extending and collaborating on their MS research specialty. Award is up to $25,000 and travel is expected to be completed within one year of award.

 For more details see http://www.msra.org.au/fellowships and http://www.msra.org.au/scholarships

Canada: MS Society of Canada

Fellowships offered regardless of citizenship as long as the studies are carried out in Canada. Fellowships also offered to Canadians/ permanent residents to do fellowships outside of Canada.

  • endMS postdoctoral fellowships
    $41,000 per year (or $50,500 per year for those with an MD) for a maximum of 3 years
  • endMS doctoral studentships
    $22,000 per year (or $50,500 per year for those with an MD) for a maximum of 4 years
  • endMS Masters studentship awards
    $20,000 per year for a maximum of 2 years

For details see: https://beta.mssociety.ca/information-for-researchers/funding-opportunities/endms-research-and-training-network-awards-and-programs

Italy: Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla

Fellowships open to all citizens to conduct research in an Italian institution or to Italian Citizens to conduct research abroad.

  • Research fellowships
    For young motivated researchers to out significant and independent research into MS. Fellowship is for up to 2 years and offers €24,000pa for fellowships used in Italy, and €33,000-38,000 (depending on the hosting country) for those used abroad.
  • Senior research fellowships
    For graduates able to formulate and carry out an autonomous research project. Offered for a maximum term of three years with the possibility of renewal for a further period of two years, at €32,000pa for fellowships used in Italy, and €40,000-45,000pa for those used abroad (depending on the hosting country)
  • Rita Levi Montalcini career fellowship
    3 year fellowship to enhance the career of Italian scientists, selected and assessed exclusively on the basis of excellence and independence criteria. Intended to help bring qualified Italian researchers back from abroad or transferring qualified researchers from one institution to another in Italy

For more details see: http://allegati.aism.it/manager/trackdoc.asp?file=/manager/UploadFile/2/20150323_991_ricerca.pdf&open=1

Netherlands: Stichting MS Research

  • 4 year research fellowship
    For postdoctoral researchers or medical doctors employed by a Dutch institution. Up to €430,000 over 4 years. One offered every 3 years.
  • Travel grant
    For postdoctoral researchers employed by a Dutch institution to spend up to 12 months abroad (€56,400 to maximum of €85,000). One offered every 3 years.
  • Working visits
    For researchers employed by a Dutch institution to spend up to 6 months doing research abroad. Up to €3000. Two offered per year.

For more details see http://msresearch.nl/onderzoekssubsidies

UK: UK MS Society

Fellowships for researchers enrolled in UK institutions to perform studies in the UK only.

For more details see https://www.mssociety.org.uk/ms-research/for-researchers/types-of-grants#phd

USA: National MS Society

Some fellowships offered to non US citizens to work in USA and others that require US citizenship or residency (for working in USA or abroad).

  • Sylvia Lawry physician fellowship
    $65,000 a year for 2-3 years to train young doctors to conduct MS clinical trials. Applicant must have completed a neurology residency in the US and be licensed to practice medicine in the US.
  • NMSS-AAN MS clinician scientist development award
    $75,000+ a year for 3 years. Applicant must have completed a neurology residency in the US and be licensed to practice medicine in the US.
  • Postdoctoral fellowship
    Salary plus institutional allowance for 1-3 years. Available to non US citizens. US citizens may train abroad.
  • Career transition fellowship
    Up to 5 years. Available to non US citizens training at a US institution. US citizens may train abroad.
  • Harry Weaver scholar award
    Salary and limited research support for 5 years. Applicant must be early in a faculty position at a US institution.

For more details see: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/For-Professionals/Researchers /Society-Funding/Training-Grants-and-Fellowships


  • Postdoctoral research fellowship exchange programme
    For young neuroscientists (an MD, PhD, ScD or equivalent professional degree) to facilitate their conduct of and training in basic, clinical or applied research related to multiple sclerosis (MS). €50,000 for 1-2 years.
  • ECTRIMS multiple sclerosis clinical training fellowship programme
    For neurologists and other physicians who wish to enhance their skills in MS patient management and care and foster their careers as MS physicians. Available for 3, 6 or 12 months, must be under the direction of a senior clinical mentor at a European MS clinic and/or MS research center. Fellows may come from any location but priority will be given to candidates from developing countries. A stipend of €12,500 (3 month), €25,000 (6 month) €50,000 for a 1 year training program provided.
  • ECTRIMS multiple sclerosis nurse training fellowship programme
    For qualified/licensed European nurses to provide the opportunity to obtain additional expertise through practical nursing experience and training in a mentored MS environment in Europe. The training period must be for a minimum of 6 months or up to one year in duration.
  • ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS fellowship in magnetic resonance imaging in MS
    To foster the development of young researchers in the field of MS by supporting their work on scientific projects at renowned host institutions within the MAGNIMS network in Europe. Duration of 1 year, with an annual stipend of up to €50,000.

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