The MS International Federation is the only global network of MS organisations. We all share a belief that the challenges in MS are worldwide, and the solutions must be too. We can be more effective and efficient by sharing our experiences and speaking with one voice.

Through international collaboration and coordination, our vision of a world without MS will move towards becoming a reality. Better and more accessible treatments and an improved quality of life for people affected by MS is a responsibility we all share.

Organisations can join the MS International Federation as full members, associate members or supporting organisations. They can also become corresponding organisations.

Full members

The MS International Federation currently has 33 full members, each representing a different country. Full member organisations can vote at MS International Federation’s council meetings, held every two years. This means they approve our strategy and elect our board of trustees.

Full membership benefits
Full membership criteria

Associate members

Associate members are often newer, less-established organisations, many of which are working in countries where there is limited support, affordable treatment or services available for people affected by MS. Associate members enjoy the same benefits as full members, except they do not have the right to vote at the MS International Federation’s council meetings.

Associate membership benefits
Associate membership criteria

Supporting organisations

In countries that already have an MS International Federation member organisation, other MS organisations can become supporting organisations. There is no limit to the number of supporting organisations per country. For a supporting organisation application to be approved by the MS International Federation’s board, the organisation must show that they are open to communicating and networking with the member organisation for the benefit of people affected by MS in their country.

Supporting organisation benefits
Supporting organisation criteria

Membership fees
Full members, associate members and supporting organisations are all required to make a contribution to the MS International Federation’s annual budget. Membership fees are requested each January, to be paid by the end of March. The amount is related to the income of each organisation according to a scale agreed each year by the MS International Federation’s board.

Corresponding organisations

The MS International Federation encourages new and emerging MS organisations, in countries without a member organisation, to become corresponding organisations. These can be small, informal support groups or newer organisations, often run by volunteers, in emerging countries who are just starting on their journey to becoming established organisations. We help them in any way that we can to become more sustainable and effective by sharing resources with them, offering advice and linking them up with more established member organisations to share best practice. These organisations act as our points of contact for people with and affected by MS in the country. There is no charge for becoming a corresponding organisation.

If your MS organisation is not currently a part of our network and you are interested in joining us, please contact us for an application form and to find out more.

If you would like to get involved as an individual, have a look at our fundraising page for inspiration on ways to help us fight MS.

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