We’re hiring! Fundraising Campaigns Manager

2nd August 2022

MSIF are hiring a Fundraising Campaigns Manager

Cykelnerven 2022

29th July 2022

In June 18 MSIF cyclists  took on Europe’s most challenging charity cycling event - Cykelnerven.

Genes unzipped: what our DNA can tell us about MS risk

29th July 2022

How do genes affect the risk of developing MS?

Enhancing global collaboration for earlier detection and prevention of MS

29th July 2022

Research priorities identified to help better understand the MS prodrome

Solving the mystery of progression: the key to new treatments for progressive MS

14th July 2022

Catch up with the latest webcast on unraveling the mystery of progression and identifying new targets for…

MSIF and the LATEM Network are hiring: a call for communications agencies in Latin America

30th June 2022

MSIF and the LATEM Network are seeking experienced communication agency to develop and implement a communication strategy…

We’re hiring! Organisational Development and Movement Building Manager

6th June 2022

MSIF are hiring an Organisational Development and Movement Building Manager

10-year global plan approved to improve care for people affected by neurological conditions

31st May 2022

MSIF supports the adoption of the WHO's intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders,…

Global webcast on ending progressive MS

5th May 2022

Learn about important, new research initiatives that will fuel the development of breakthrough treatments for progressive MS.…

How do we improve MS research and care? Let’s act on what people affected by MS are telling us

3rd May 2022

The global PROMS initiative publishes its plans for realising the full potential of patient reported outcomes for…

An update from the MS Global Data Sharing Initiative – Thank You!

6th April 2022

When we come together, we can find answers, quickly, to global MS challenges.

Results of the MS research priority survey for Cochrane systematic reviews

17th March 2022

The research questions identified as priority topics by over 1000 people affected by MS and healthcare professionals