‘I am the first Irish person with Progressive MS to take part’ – Conor’s Cykelnerven

16th September 2019

Find out how Conor tackled one of Europe’s most challenging charity cycling events.

MSIF visits MS organisations in Taiwan and South Korea

16th September 2019

In August Sarah Dobson, MSIF’s Senior Communications and Campaigns Officer, met with local MS organisations in Taiwan…

Make them listen: The four-year fight for access in Chile

16th September 2019

The Corporación Esclerosis Múltiple Chile shares the secrets of their success in improving access to treatment.

Global initiative places the patient voice front and centre in MS research and care

12th September 2019

Global Patient Reported Outcomes Initiative for MS goes live

Join our team as Head of Research and Access (Maternity Cover)

14th August 2019

Drive forward our common fight for access to healthcare and spearhead the global collaboration between the MSIF…

The Globe Truckers for MS

24th July 2019

Driving a truck around the world for MS

First MS organisation in Latin America joins the Progressive MS Alliance

22nd July 2019

The International Progressive MS Alliance is growing!

Professor Catherine Lubetzki picks up the mantle for prestigious MS Charcot Award

18th July 2019

She is the first woman to win the lifetime achievement award for outstanding research into the understanding…

Advocacy for MS in Morocco

18th July 2019

MS organisations campaign for better access to treatments in Morocco.

Stretching with MS : Yoga and Pilates around the World

17th July 2019

We explore why people with MS around the world practise yoga and Pilates.

Cykelnerven 2019

17th July 2019

Each year, seasoned riders from around the world take on over 400km of the toughest climbs from…

Tawasol – June 2019 issue

17th July 2019

Latest news from 14 organisations in the Arab region