Good news for people with MS in Poland

28th July 2016

Polish authorities reimburse two disease modifying drugs

Practical employment resources in Ireland

27th July 2016

MS Ireland has launched new resources for people with MS and employers

MS Helpline celebrates 25 years of supporting people affected by MS in the UK

25th July 2016

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the UK MS Society’s helpline.

Effects of an immune system gene on MS subtypes and MRI

8th July 2016

HLA alleles are found to be associated with brain atrophy and a younger age of MS onset in women

A new gene target for progressive MS

7th July 2016

A mutation in a gene called NR1H3 could increase the risk of progressive MS

Mitoxantrone and risk of cancer in MS

5th July 2016

German study asks whether recipients of mitoxantrone are more likely than the general population to develop cancers

Stem cell treatment halts MS progression

30th June 2016

Rebooting immune system provides long term relief for aggressive relapsing MS in Canadian study

World MS Day makes an impact across the globe

23rd June 2016

From Canada to Pakistan people affected by MS raised their voices and raised awareness

ECTRIMS support for joint McDonald fellowship

21st June 2016

Strengthening our collaboration with ECTRIMS

Second Scientific Congress of the International Progressive MS Alliance

17th June 2016

Challenges and next steps considered

Rebound syndrome after stopping fingolimod

10th June 2016

Researchers find that suddenly stopping fingolimod may lead to severe worsening of symptoms in MS

Use of metabolic syndrome drugs in multiple sclerosis

9th June 2016

Drugs used for metabolic syndrome may reduce MS activity in people with MS and obesity