Against MS Launches Worldwide

15th January 2019

Against MS is the DIY fundraising initiative for the MS International Federation because as the leaders of…

Chair of the People with MS Advisory Committee awarded for his services to MS

28th December 2018

Martin Stevens is awarded for his services to people with MS

Rare genetic changes discovered to increase MS risk

18th December 2018

Rare changes to genes contribute to the overall risk of developing MS

New generation treatments safe to use in children with MS

17th December 2018

Clinical trials are rarely conducted in children with MS, but a new study has shown that new…

Blocking blood protein could protect nerves in MS

15th December 2018

A treatment that blocks a type of protein that accumulates in the brain was able to reduce…

Call for consultants in India

1st November 2018

A great opportunity to work on an MS International Federation (MSIF) advocacy project in India

World MS Day 2019 campaign announced: My Invisible MS

30th October 2018

World MS Day 2019 will take place on 30 May. The theme is Visibility and the campaign…

Blocking the brain lymphatic pathway reduces symptoms of MS

26th October 2018

A new study has found that blocking the brain lymphatic vessels reduced MS-like illness in a laboratory…

Advances in research increase rate of MS treatment changes

26th October 2018

Studies show that improved MS medications and advances in MRI technology have led to an increased rate…

Genes shown to influence disease course in MS

25th October 2018

A new study has identified three changes within people’s genes that are linked to different disease courses…

Interaction between immune cells may contribute to MS

24th October 2018

A new study has revealed an interaction between two types of immune cells that may contribute to…

Winner of 2018 Young Investigators Award announced

24th October 2018

MSIF is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Young Investigators Award: Dr Silke Häusser-Kinzel.