Manipulating myelin

15th February 2018

Australian researchers have found that the electrical activity of nerve cells in the brain plays an important role in the growth of myelin. This laboratory discovery may lead to new interventions to promote myelin repair in MS.

Antidepressant drug may treat Progressive MS

14th February 2018

Screening of almost 250 medications has identified clomipramine as a possible treatment for progressive MS.

3D printing to help MS drug discovery

13th February 2018

Scientists have used 3D printing to create a model that could be used to aid MS drug discovery.

Saudi Arabia – Strategic Planning Consultancy Opportunity

2nd February 2018

MSIF is seeking experienced consultant(s) or a Consultancy Company based in Saudi Arabia to provide mentoring and coaching services in the area of strategic and operational planning.

Join our team – Campaign Support Officer

31st January 2018

We are looking for a strong communicator to support the World MS Day team at our friendly London office.

Healthy diet linked to lower disability in people with MS

26th January 2018

New study shows eating a diet high in whole grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes may lead to less disability and depression, and less severe MS symptoms.

Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association translates Quality of Life principles into Greek

25th January 2018

MSIF’s ‘Seven principles to improve quality of life with MS’, already available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian, have now been translated into Greek.

Refining diagnosis for people with MS

25th January 2018

Expert panel publishes revised criteria for MS diagnosis

The eyes as possible windows into MS

24th January 2018

Two recent scientific publications add further evidence that a simple eye test may offer a fast and easy way to monitor the progression of MS.

Singer with MS and young supporters of Japan MS Society perform at school concert

24th January 2018

Singer Keiko joined young supporters of the Japan MS Society for a festive, awareness-raising event at an elementary school.

Union Roska holds first sports games for people with MS

24th January 2018

Czech MS organisation Union Roska marked its 25th anniversary with the Roskiáda Sports Games, a new sports event for people with MS

People with MS who have additional health conditions are more likely to experience relapses

23rd January 2018

Canadian study finds people with MS who have additional health conditions face a greater risk of having a relapse than those without other diseases.