Shining a spotlight on mental health in MS: resources from the MSIF movement

6th October 2021

Discover mental health resources from MS organisations across the globe this World Mental Health Day.

How do people with MS respond to COVID-19 vaccines?

27th September 2021

What does research tell us about how DMTs affect the body’s immune response to COVID-19 vaccines?

Catch up on World Brain Day celebrations

27th September 2021

Miss the World Brain Day webinar? Don’t worry – you can watch a recording now with English,…

Let’s talk podcasts

27th September 2021

Podcast recommendations from the MSIF movement

The power of translation: making MS information accessible

27th September 2021

Discover how MS organisations collaborate to translate vital MS information.

Understanding MS: a free course to learn all about MS and how to manage it

9th September 2021

From diagnosis and symptoms to risk factors and management, this course is for anyone wanting to learn…

Equal access to care for people living with neurological disorders globally

1st September 2021

This was written by Joanna Laurson-Doube for OneNeurology on World Brain Day.

COVID-19 data sharing: Collaborating to bridge the data gap in Latin America

13th August 2021

Researchers are addressing the gaps in information about the impact of COVID-19 on people with MS in…

How £513,000 is supporting 21 MS organisations through the pandemic

13th August 2021

Six months into the COVID-19 Response Initiative

MSIF puts a spotlight on the ethical use of off-label disease modifying therapies for MS

13th August 2021

New publication from MSIF on ethical use of off-label DMTs receives global endorsement

The MSIF movement shapes the WHO’s global action plan for epilepsy and other neurological disorders

11th August 2021

MSIF highlights priority actions for MS in the draft global plan

Tawasol – August 2021 issue

10th August 2021

The latest news from MS organisations in the Arab region