New map changes understanding of immune cells in the brain

13th May 2019

A new international study has mapped a type of immune cell, the microglia, in the human and…

Early intensive treatment gives better outcomes

13th May 2019

New study shows that early use of high efficacy treatment for MS improves long term disability outcomes,…

Food allergies may be linked to more MS relapses

13th May 2019

In a recent study, scientists have shown that people with MS who have food allergies are more…

Global MS Research Booster Award 2019 – Call for applications

8th May 2019

The Global MS Research Booster Award provides funding for scientists who aim to identify the cause(s) of…

Global webcast on solving progressive MS: progress achieved and hope for the future

27th April 2019

Building momentum for World MS Day 2019

24th April 2019

The 'My Invisible MS' toolkit is now available online

Adventure in the face of diagnosis: new research supported by MS Australia

24th April 2019

A new study supported by MS Australia suggests that adventure and challenge can help people manage an…

The next Atlas of MS is underway

24th April 2019

MSIF’s Atlas of MS with new data on the number of people living with MS across the…

India’s bikers against MS

24th April 2019

The MS Society of India celebrated India MS Day with a national bike rally. Learn more about…

Music legend Masta Ace: hip-hop, MS and getting creative

24th April 2019

The UK MS Society met up with Brooklyn rapper and record producer Masta Ace to talk about…

European Medicines Agency reviews safety of alemtuzumab

15th April 2019

EMA conducts safety review of alemtuzumab (Lemtrada)

Cladribine approved in US for people with active secondary progressive MS

5th April 2019

FDA approves cladribine for people with relapsing forms of MS and active secondary progressive MS