Tawasol – Dec 2017 issue

15th January 2018

Latest news from 17 organisations in the Arab region

First treatment for early primary progressive MS approved in Europe

12th January 2018

The European Commission has approved the first disease-modifying therapy, ocrelizumab, for early primary progressive MS (PPMS).

Research Australia presents award to developer of world’s largest MS database

21st December 2017

Helmut Butzkueven, who led the development of MSBase with support from MS Research Australia, has received the Data Innovation Award.

MS organisations across Latin America gather in Mexico for third annual meeting

20th December 2017

Third annual meeting (Encuentro) brings together MS organisations from 16 Latin American countries to share learnings and work towards shared solutions to common challenges.

MS organisations and health professionals gather in Dubai for MENACTRIMS 2017

20th December 2017

More than 900 health professionals and representatives from 38 countries gathered in Dubai for MENACTRIMS 2017, which featured a special joint session with MSIF.

2017: a pivotal year for the MSIF movement

20th December 2017

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the MS International Federation, giving us a valuable opportunity to celebrate shared successes and renew our commitment to work together to achieve a world without MS.

Study shows taking MS medications as directed is better for overall health

14th December 2017

Canadian research reveals the positive effects of taking MS medications as prescribed on a person's general health

New study shows cold water in the mouth can reduce heat sensitivity in MS

14th December 2017

Cold water in the mouth can help reduce heat sensitivity, a common symptom of MS.

Disappointing results from CCSVI treatment trial

13th December 2017

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) describes a potential reduction in blood flow in the major veins that drain blood from the brain and spinal cord over a prolonged period.

Discovering how immune cells get into the brain in MS

13th December 2017

Study reveals important mechanism that allows immune cells to attack myelin in MS

MS Australia publishes first report on MS Specialist Nurses in Australia

24th November 2017

A major investigation into the critical role of MS Specialist Nurses in Australia could support MS Australia’s advocacy work to increase funding for MSSNs

Art University redecorates facilities of Brazilian MS Association

22nd November 2017

Students and staff from "Universidade Futura do Pintor" renovated the facilities as part of a partnership between the two organisations