Svetlana V. Goronkova from Russia has won the 2013 James D. Wolfensohn Award, given every two years to a person with MS in recognition of their valuable contribution to the fight against MS.

Svetlana was nominated by the All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society (ARMSS).

Pavel Zlobin, the Vice President of the organisation, described the important work Svetlana has undertaken for the organisation and for people with MS and their families in Russia: “Svetlana started being involved as a volunteer and, later, as chapter head, has proved a skilled and intelligent manager. She is currently the director of the Samara regional MS Society (SRMSS), an ARMSS branch. SRMSS truly plays the engine part at ARMSS because it is the oldest, most experienced, and most effective Russian centre for professional and community interventions in the social and economic MS issues.


“Under Svetlana’s leadership, SRMSS is the central agency to develop methodology and strategy for ARMSS activities and other regional MS societies will follow.

“The crowning achievement in Svetlana’s life is the establishment of a centre of rehabilitation for people with MS and their families. She started working on it five years ago and has been the project leader and designer. She also helped raise over USD 170,000 towards the project.”

Svetlana’s spirit and courage are always present in hard situations and bring both tangible results, such as the rehabilitation centre, her work on the Public Council at the Samara region Parliament and other commissions and committees to maintain social welfare, and powerful moral support which reveal an urge to win by all means.

The news about her win was announced to Svetlana at a special meeting in the Samara rehabilitation centre, where people with MS from all over the region were having a rehabilitation course. Svetlana said: “I am happy! Happy for Russia, Samara and for all those who trusted and supported me. I wouldn’t have got there without their help”.

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