For the second year running, the Danish MS Society has teamed up with the Danish organisation for people with arthritis to lead a national fundraising and awareness-raising campaign. The campaign encourages volunteers to take part in door-to-door fundraising for both causes on September 10th.

This year, the Danish MS Society is focusing its attention on digital channels to reach a wider audience. The organisation is sharing a range of videos and photos on social media featuring 24 ambassadors who are affected by MS or arthritis.

Standing up for each other

The core message of the main campaign video, “we stand up for each other”, is designed to create solidarity among people affected by MS and invite members of the public to stand together with all those affected by helping to raise money.

Peter Palitzsch Christensen, Head of Communication at the Danish MS Society, explained the valuable lessons that have been learnt from the campaign.

“To run a doorbell collection campaign, you need a strong base of volunteers to support you. Although this takes a huge amount of organisational resources, it also strengthens unity in the organisation, giving us a common cause. This is a strong fundraising activity and a great opportunity for awareness; fundraising and awareness go hand in hand.”

Watch the campaign video.