Union Roska rounded off a year of events marking the organisation’s 25th anniversary with its first ever Roskiáda Sports Games for people with MS.

This historic event, held in Nymburk, Czech Republic, brought together more than 72 athletes and representatives from Union Roska’s 15 regional organisations. The games embodied a spirit of empowerment and personal achievement, rather than one of rivalry and competition.

The Roskiáda Sports Games kicked off with an opening ceremony and welcome speech from Jiřina Landová, vice-president of Union Roska. Athletes and referees were then asked to swear an oath, allowing the games to begin.

Contestants showcased their skills across 11 different disciplines: swimming,  shotput, boccia, table tennis, and darts, as well as shooting goals in basketball, football and ice hockey.

Participants later gathered to enjoy a musical performance from a local school choir, before the winning athletes were announced and decorated with medals.

The event was a great success, helping to create solidarity among people affected by MS and giving contestants an opportunity to push their personal boundaries.