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Multiple Sclerosis Spain (Esclerosis Múltiple Espana) has recently launched a fantastic new project that draws on MSIF’s seven principles to improve quality of life with MS.

The project, ‘Tips for Living Better with MS’ (Tips Para Vivir Mejor con EM), was a collaboration with MÁS QUE IDEAS Foundation. It combines the seven principles with vivid illustrations and a set of tips from people with MS.

The poster shows each quality of life principle alongside a set of three tips on how to live better with MS. Multiple Sclerosis Spain collected these tips, tricks and messages of advice from people affected by MS during World MS Day 2017.

Alfonso Castresana, president of Multiple Sclerosis Spain, said:

A person with MS lives, undoubtedly, with a higher level of uncertainty than others, but that does not mean their hands and feet are tied. It is important that we are active in the search for a better quality of life.

Teresa Terrén, president of MÁS QUE IDEAS Foundation, said:

The result is a document and an easy-to-read poster that presents suggestions that can be inspiring or motivating.

The project also includes a poster for each of the factors that can influence quality of life, such as personal wellbeing, immediate surroundings and the wider environment.

MSIF published a revised version of the seven principles to improve quality of life in 2017. This followed extensive consultation with people from over 30 countries, in order to understand what influences quality of life for people with MS, their caregivers, family members and friends closest to them.

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