A first-of-its-kind global research network funded by the International Progressive MS Alliance aims to develop new, effective treatments for progressive MS.

If you missed out on the latest Alliance webcast where we found out more about the exciting developments happening right now for people with progressive MS, don’t worry – you can catch up by watching it in English or with Arabic, Spanish and Italian subtitles.

Watch Professor Francisco Quintana, Liliana Sanmarco and Michael Wheeler as they discuss with Dr. Bruce Bebo how a team of researchers from multiple countries are working together to create breakthroughs to improve the lives of people with progressive MS.

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The team of researchers from the United States, Canada and Israel are focusing on the innate immune system. While the innate immune system normally functions to protect the body from infection, Dr. Quintana and others have found that some innate immune cells in the nervous system promote disease activity in MS. The team has identified several compounds that have the potential to slow or stop MS from progressing.

In addition to this work, the team recently discovered a subset of brain cells that fights MS inflammation with instructions from gut bacteria. These findings could enable new therapeutic approaches to combat MS such as customized probiotics that could turn on this anti-inflammatory activity.