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Dr. Mauricio Farez, a neurology resident from Argentina, was awarded one of MSIF’s Du Pré Grants in 2014

There are a number of fellowships and grants available around the world to individuals specifically for conducting research into multiple sclerosis. This page lists fellowships from MS organisations as well as some from MS centres and research institutions.


Fellowships/grants for researchers from low- and middle income countries to undertake training and research anywhere in the world: find out more about our McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré grants.

Australia: MS Australia

All funding opportunities offered by MS Australia can be found here.

MS Australia Project Grants

These projects require fully developed proposals for research in the MS field.

MS Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship

The MS Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship provides salary support for early career researchers working in the field of MS.

MS Australia Senior Fellowship

This prestigious award is available to established researchers who are potential leaders in the MS research community. The goal is to provide the security and funding support for these individuals to lead a team in MS research. Candidates are expected to have an established and verifiable track record in MS at a national and international level.

MS Australia Postgraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are granted to students who plan to undertake a PhD or are currently undertaking a PhD at an Australian university, working in the field of MS.

Incubator Grant

Incubator grants provide seed funding for the early stages of innovative new research efforts, with the aim of generating preliminary data needed to support future grant applications.

Ian Ballard Travel Award

Ian Ballard Travel Awards are intended to enable recipients to undertake an international travel tour with the aim of extending and collaborating on their MS research specialty. This award cannot be used to fund attendance at conferences.

For full eligibility information, see more info. Many awards are open to Australian and New Zealand Citizens or Australian Permanent residents only.

Canada: MS Canada

Fellowships offered regardless of citizenship as long as the studies are carried out in Canada. Fellowships also offered to Canadians/ permanent residents to do fellowships outside of Canada. MS Canada has funded medical research into multiple sclerosis since the first grant of $10,000 was approved in 1949. It is now, along with its related MS Scientific Research Foundation, the single largest funder of MS research in Canada.

Discovery Research Grants

The Discovery Research Grant Program is intended to support various research operations in all aspects of MS and defray the normal operating costs of carrying out a specific research proposal. MS Canada welcomes applications that are fundamental as well as applied studies, nonclinical or clinical in nature, including projects in patient management, care and rehabilitation. More info. 

Catalyst Research Grant

The Catalyst Research Grant program awards seed funding that allows researchers to develop and test new and innovative research questions and pursue pioneering approaches that have high potential to advance the MS field. More info. 

MS Scientific Research Foundation Collaborative Team Grant

MS Canada supports interdisciplinary, multi-site collaborative research through the MS Scientific Research Foundation (MSSRF) Collaborative Team Grant. The MSSRF Team Grant is a funding opportunity designed to support novel MS research conducted by scientists in Canadian institutions in collaboration with other national and international experts in the field. More info.

France: ARSEP

  • Fellowship
    To fund a doctoral or post-doctoral candidate in studies related to MS, with salaries of € 35 000 for a doctoral fellowship and € 57 000 for a post-doctoral fellowship available.
  • Research grant
    € 50,000 is available to fund a project including laboratory expenses, equipment and access to a technology platform, with the possibility to use a third of a grant to fund a a technician.
  • Research grant + Fellowship
    To support a Research grant AND a doctoral or post-doctoral fellow to work on this project.
  • Working visits
    To facilitate exchanges between clinical centres and/or laboratories involved in MS. Travel may be within, to, or from France. It is primarily aimed at clinicians, researchers or technicians wishing to undertake a period of training in an area relating to MS at a different location from their current institution. € 6,000 can be requested to cover travel and accommodation for visits of up to 6 months.

For more details, please see more info.

Italy: Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla

Fellowships open to all citizens to conduct research in an Italian institution or to Italian Citizens to conduct research abroad.

Research fellowships
For young motivated researchers to out significant and independent research into MS. Fellowship is for up to 2 years and offers €24,000 pa for fellowships used in Italy, and €33,000-38,000 (depending on the hosting country) for those used abroad.

Senior research fellowships
For graduates able to formulate and carry out an autonomous research project. Offered for a maximum term of three years with the possibility of renewal for a further period of two years, at €32,000pa for fellowships used in Italy, and €40,000-45,000 pa for those used abroad (depending on the hosting country)

Rita Levi Montalcini career fellowship

Rita Levi Montalcini Career Scholarship. Offered since 2007, it provides a three-year funding dedicated to qualified, talented and scientifically independent researchers who wish to return to Italy from abroad and conduct their own research project at an Italian research institution of excellence. The contribution is aimed at qualified Italian researchers who do not yet have an institutional position in Italy. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the construction of a career path in scientific research and to facilitate the return from abroad.

For more details, please see more info.

[The] Netherlands: Stichting MS Research


The Fellowship is a personal grant for four years. An MS Fellowship can be applied for by an experienced postdoc or doctor who is already working in the field of MS, or who believes that he or she can make a significant contribution to this field. 

Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Prize

The Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Prize is awarded every two years to a talented young MS scientist. The personal prize, made possible by the Gemmy and Mibeth Tichelaar Foundation, should be spent on a  fundamental research project  into the causes of and/or a treatment for MS.

Global MS Research Booster Award

The Global MS Research Booster Award is a novel personal grant for researchers worldwide who aim to identify the cause(s) of multiple sclerosis (MS) . Only excellent post-doctoral scientists who are considered top-ranked within their field of research are eligible for the award. The award entails funding for a 2-year research project that is supposed to form a start for sequel research.

MS Out of the Box Grant

Scientists with a proven track record in MS research should be given the opportunity to go off the beaten track. The MS Out-of-the-box grant enables research into  innovative hypotheses  for which there is still little evidence. The  form is flexible , not limited by many rules and guidelines about the use of resources. The project leader has a permanent appointment and can invest the subsidy in the team and/or the material as he sees fit.

Monique Blom-de Wagt Grant

The Monique Blom-de Wagt Grant is a springboard for young MS scientists. The personal prize offers an ambitious researcher the opportunity to take his or her research to the next level. Do you have plans for a working visit to an MS group abroad? Do you want to master an innovative technique to boost your research and career? Or are you working on completing a study, but that one test to prove your hypothesis is missing?

For other Awards and more information, please see:  more info.

UK: UK MS Society

Fellowships for researchers enrolled in UK institutions to perform studies in the UK only.

Catalyst Awards

Catalyst Awards provide support for short-term, small-scale pilot or proof-of-concept research projects. These may be “high risk, high reward” type projects and must be hypothesis-driven. We run two Catalyst rounds a year.

Project Award

Project Awards provide support for research projects designed to answer a single question, or a small group of related questions. Such questions must be directed towards our Research Strategy. Applications must be hypothesis-driven.

PhD Fellowships

Designed to encourage the best science graduates to embark on a research career in MS.

Early Career Fellowships

Aiming to attract and retain talented postdoctoral researchers who want to build a successful career in MS research. These grants provide a staged career structure and the opportunity to progress towards higher level appointments.

Data Discovery Awards

Data Discovery Awards provide support for research projects designed to increase our understanding of MS risk factors. We hope these will provide a more combined approach to assess someone’s risk of developing MS and ultimately help us to develop new preventative strategies.

For full eligibility information, see more info. Some awards are open to UK residents only.

USA: National MS Society

For all Awards follow this link.

Sylvia Lawry physician fellowship
Support for up to 3 years to train young doctors to conduct MS clinical trials. Residents who have or will have received training in neurology or physiatry in the United States, and who are in the PGY3 or PGY4 stage or beyond, are eligible to apply.

Clinician scientist development award
Three years of support to young physicians to receive training in MS clinical research.

Postdoctoral fellowship
Research projects from 1-3 years by investigators working under the mentorship of senior scientists.

Career transition fellowship
Awards up to 5 years to facilitate the advancement of promising young fellows into full faculty positions. The award provides approximately $600,000 over five years to support a two-year period of advanced postdoctoral training in MS research and the first three years of research support in a new faculty appointment.

Harry Weaver scholar award
The awards are designed to provide salary and grant support for a five year period, thus permitting the awardee to establish competence in his/her chosen research area. Application must be made jointly by a candidate and the institution in which an appointment is held.

Some fellowships offered to non US citizens to work in USA and others require US citizenship or residency (for working in USA or abroad). See website for full information. 

USA: American Academy of Neurology

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in MS

This award aims to recognize the importance of good clinical research and to encourage young investigators in clinical studies in multiple sclerosis. This award will consist of a commitment of $65,000 per year for two years, plus a $10,000 per year stipend to support education and research-related costs for a total of $150,000. Supplementation of the award with other grants is permissible, but to be eligible to apply for this award, the other grant source(s) cannot exceed $75,000 annually.

More info.

John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research

The John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research is awarded jointly by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). The Prize, currently in the amount of $40,000, recognizes outstanding contributions to research that have led to breakthroughs in the understanding, prevention, treatment, or cure of MS. The prize recognizes significant and exciting work that has changed the way we think about multiple sclerosis. Recent and ongoing active research is a major consideration.

Eligibility criteria may differ. Many types of Awards offered. See website for full information.


ECTRIMS offers a comprehensive range of fellowship programmes for researchers/clinicians to undertake placements in Europe. Please click here for an overview of ECTRIMS fellowships as well as information on the application process. An ECTRIMS fellowship provides you the resources, support and professional network to pursue your career in the MS field.

Research Training Fellowship Programme

For young neuroscientists to facilitate their conduct of and training in basic, clinical or applied research related to multiple sclerosis. The goal of the programme is to maximise the exchange of information and to help grow the pool of well-trained research scientists focused on problems in MS. One- or two-year funded fellowships in a European laboratory or clinic. 55,000.00 EUR per year. More info.

Clinical Training Fellowship Programme

For neurologists and other physicians to provide the opportunity for successful candidates to learn the latest techniques in patient management and care and to help foster their careers as MS physicians. ECTRIMS will provide a stipend of 13,750.00 EUR for a three-month programme, 27,500.00 EUR for a six-month programme, or 55,000.00 EUR for a one-year training programme. More info.

Nurse and Allied Health Professional Training

For nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, and related allied health care professionals to obtain or expand their expertise in MS through practical experience and training in a mentored MS environment in Europe. Our aim is to enhance the care and support of individuals with MS by fostering improved clinical care and education and by helping to promote best practices in MS care throughout Europe. Maximum of 55,000.00 EUR per year. More info.

ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS Fellowship in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in MS

Joint fellowship between ECTRIMS and the European Magnetic Resonance Imaging in MS network (MAGNIMS) aims to foster the development of young researchers in the field of MS by supporting their work on scientific projects at host institutions within the MAGNIMS network in Europe. More info.


As part of MENACTRIMS’s commitment to support and expand MS research across the Middle East & North Africa region, MENACTRIMS offers the following funding opportunities.

MENACTRIMS Research Grant

The aim of this annual scientific grant is to support regional research projects by academic & clinical researchers to enhance our understanding of multiple sclerosis and help improve the quality of life of MS patients in the MENA region. Potential research areas that will be funded through the MENACTRIMS Research Grant will include; MS risk factors, epidemiology, natural history and other relevant topics to clinical practice in the MENA region. More info

MENACTRIMS Clinical Fellowship

MENACTRIMS offers a clinical fellowship in MS for neurologists and other physicians to provide the opportunity for successful candidates to learn the advanced techniques in management and care of MS patients and to help foster their careers as MS physicians. The MENACTRIMS Clinical Fellowship is intended to be a full-time MS clinical care training experience. This can include “hands on” clinical care under the guidance of the mentor, care-related course work in the training institutions, and may also include time involved in clinical research under the guidance of, and as deemed appropriate by, the mentor.  The training period must be under the direction of a senior clinical mentor experienced in MS diagnosis and management and can run for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year in duration. More info

Research Fellowship Program

MENACTRIMS offers a postdoctoral research fellowship program for young neuroscientists to facilitate their conduct of and training in basic, clinical or applied research related to multiple sclerosis (MS). The goal of the program is to maximize exchange of information and to help grow the pool of well-trained research scientists focused on problems in MS. Initially, it is anticipated that several fellowships will be awarded each year. More info

Physiotherapy in MS Internship

MENACTRIMS is offering a one month intensive course and clinical internship program in Belgium in on October 2-27, 2023. The stipend will cover travel expenses, the tuition fees and lodging expenses. More info