There are a number of fellowships and grants available around the world to individuals specifically for conducting research into multiple sclerosis. The opportunities listed below are open to researchers that do not need to be a resident or a citizen of the country offering the grant. If you know of additional opportunities that could be included on this page, please get in touch using the contact us form, selecting “Research grants and awards”.

MS Canada

MS Canada funds many different types of research grant, including postdoctoral fellowships. You do not need to be a Canadian citizen to be eligible, but you need to carry out the research in a Canadian institution. More information can be found here. Alternatively, funding is available for Canadian citizens/permanent residents to conduct a postdoctoral fellowship in a different country.

ARSEP (France)

ARSEP provides funding for doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships, as well as other types of research grant. Candidates do not need to be French citizens. Find out more about the opportunities here.

ARSEP also provides funding for ‘working visits’ to facilitate partnerships between different research institutes or laboratories, within France or between France and other countries. Find out more here.

AISM (Italy)

Fellowships are available to conduct research in an Italian institution (with no citizenship restrictions) or to Italian Citizens to conduct research abroad. Find out more about available opportunities here.

Stichting MS Research (Netherlands)

Fellowships are available for an experienced postdoc or clinician, who has a position at a Dutch research institute. More information about the fellowship can be found here. There are also opportunities for PhD students/junior postdocs working in a Dutch or Belgian research institute to undertake short research projects in a different country: Monique Blom-de Wagt Grant.

MS Society (UK)

Fellowships and grants are available for researchers who have a contract at a UK university or NHS institution to perform studies in the UK. You do not have to be a UK citizen. Find out more about available opportunities here.

National Institute for Health Research (UK/global)

The Global Advanced Fellowship is a mid-career postdoctoral award. Researchers from low and middle income countries are eligible, as are researchers from the UK whose research is primarily to benefit patients and the public in LMICs. Find out more about eligibility and the application process here.

National MS Society (USA)

The National MS Society offers a wide range of fellowships and grants. For fellowships, applicants should carry out the research at a US institution, or be a US citizen. For some research grants, the proposed institution can be in any country permitted under US policies. Find out more about available opportunities and the detailed eligibility requirements on the website.

American Academy of Neurology (USA)

AAN grants and fellowships are open to applicants from institutions outside of the US, but you must be an AAN member to be eligible. More information about fellowship opportunities here.

International Progressive MS Alliance

Grants are available for researchers across the world. Find out about current opportunities via the website.

ECTRIMS (Europe)

ECTRIMS offers a range of fellowship programmes for researchers, clinicians and allied health professionals from anywhere in the world to undertake placements in Europe. There is also a join fellowship with MAGNIMS focused on MRI research. Visit the website for an overview of ECTRIMS fellowships .

MENACTRIMS (Middle East and North Africa)

MENACTRIMS offers grants for research that is carried out in a country in the MENA region, as well as research and clinical fellowships that can be carried out at an institution anywhere in the world. Find out more information here.

LACTRIMS  (Latin America)

LACTRIMS offers clinical training fellowships for neurologists from Latin America to train in institutions in Argentina, Brazil or Mexico. Find out more here.