MS organisations and the MSIF movement

The MS International Federation (MSIF) is the only global network of MS organisations. We all share a belief that the challenges in MS are worldwide, and the solutions must be too. We can be more effective and efficient by sharing our experiences and speaking with one voice.

MSIF membership

MSIF currently has member organisations in 46 countries.

Through membership, we aim to build a movement of effective, engaged and collaborative national MS organisations.

Membership provides national MS organisations with the opportunity to support, inform and participate in the development of MSIF’s global priorities, processes and activities.

Through MSIF, members increase their global voice, profile and visibility, alongside strengthening the capacity and skills of their staff and volunteers.

Our members enrich the movement’s work with new ideas and experiences, ensuring that our programmes and projects meet the needs of people affected by MS in a range of cultures and contexts around the world.

MSIF membership is open to more than one organisation from each country.

Find out more about the benefits of membership.

Types of membership

There are two types of MSIF membership.

Full member organisations can vote at MSIF’s council meetings, held every two years. During these meetings, members vote to approve our strategy and they elect our board of trustees.

Associate members are often newer, less-established organisations, many of which are working in countries where there is limited support, affordable treatment or services available for people affected by MS. Associate members enjoy the same benefits as full members, except they do not have the right to vote at MSIF’s council meetings.

Membership requirements

Organisations need to meet certain criteria in order to be admitted membership.

All members are required to pay membership dues, related to the income of each organisation. Not only does this support MSIF’s running costs, from which all members benefit, but it also indicates members’ commitment to the global MSIF movement.

New and emerging organisations and groups

MSIF encourages smaller, more informal support groups or newer organisations to get in touch. We will help them in any we can by offering advice and linking them up with more established member organisations to share best practice and resources. In countries without a member, such organisations could also act as our points of contact for people with and affected by MS who are living, working in or visiting the country.

If your MS organisation is interested in applying for membership or becoming more involved in the movement, please contact us to find out more (select ‘Membership’ from the enquiry dropdown).


If you are an individual rather than an organisation’s representative, have a look at World MS Day, taking part in an event or fundraising for MSIF for inspiration on ways to get involved.

You can also sign up to receive our newsletters covering a range of topics, from sharing news from MS organisations all around the world, to research and scientific progress, and global advocacy and fundraising initiatives you can get involved with.

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