The MS Go for Gold Scholarships enable people living with MS in Australia to fulfil a dream that would otherwise be out of reach. No project, hope, goal, business idea or hobby is too big or too small. Applications vary from kick-starting a business, learning something new or funding an electric bike for family outings.

MS Go for Gold is organised by MS Limited, one of MS Australia’s member organisations. The scholarship is funded by the MS Mega Challenge, a team sports relay raising funds for the Australian MS community.

This year MS Limited received 185 applications and judges found it extremely difficult to choose between applicants. Read on to meet a few of this year’s remarkable awardees.

Lisa Grech

Lisa Grech

Lisa is a registered psychologist living with MS, and the full-time carer of her teenage daughter who has a severe disability. She is also a postdoctoral researcher who is passionate about research that improves quality of life with MS.

Lisa’s wish is to employ a research assistant to help her investigate the detection and treatment of depression for people living with MS.

“I am passionate about research related to wellbeing and quality of life for people with MS.”

Lisa’s research will be published in an international peer review journal and may be translated for a global audience. Watch this space!


Matthew Browne

Matthew Browne is his workshop

Matthew Browne

Matthew’s dream is to expand his woodwork business and share his woodworking skills with his children.

“Woodworking fills a huge hole in my life. I can’t kick a football in the park with my kids, however we can bond together through fun, creative experiences in our workshop.”

Matthew experiences fatigue and spasticity in his hands, which can make the process of woodworking both frustrating and exhausting.

Matthew’s ability to earn an income has been impacted by MS. The MS Go for Gold Scholarship will help him purchase new tools to make woodworking more accessible.

“My woodwork allows me to feel like I am still able to contribute something. It also lets my children see that just because my MS is trying to win the battle, I won’t give up and will continue to try to enjoy what I love.

“I would love to gain a sense of pride from building projects such as a coffee table, chopping boards, drink coasters etc that I could not only display in my own home but also gift to friends and family and those who have made such a positive impact upon my life since my MS diagnosis.”

Congratulations Matthew, we look forward to seeing your amazing creations!

Melanie Caple

Melanie Caple

Melanie’s dream is to expand her art business and adapt to the digital art world.

After the relapse that led to her MS diagnosis, Melanie had to rebuild the strength and dexterity in her right hand to continue painting. Melanie’s MS symptoms had a devastating impact on her quality of life as she battles with muscle weakness, pain, tingling, painful scalp sensitivity and brain spasms.

Melanie has come a long way over the last 12 months, from initially not being able to write her name, to now being able to paint murals again.

“Being able to maintain my arts practice throughout my MS journey has been difficult, but important. I’d worked so hard to develop my skills, industry connections and followers of my work, that the thought of all of that falling away due to the impact of MS was terrifying.”

Achieving my dream and having the equipment to create digital works and illustrations would have an incredibly positive impact on my professional arts practice.”

The MS Go for Gold scholarship has enable Melanie to grow her business and create digital artworks.

MS Limited is one of MS Australia’s four state/territory MS member organisations, all of whom offer specialist advice, services and support to the MS community in their jurisdictions – for MSL being, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC) and Tasmania.