Membership provides national MS organisations with the opportunity to support, inform and participate in the development of MSIF’s global priorities, processes and activities. Through membership, they can increase their global voice, profile and visibility, alongside strengthening their organisational effectiveness and the skills of their staff and volunteers. Members have the opportunity to work with other MS organisations across the world to achieve positive change in the lives of people with MS.

Key MSIF membership benefits are:

Participate in and influence MSIF’s priorities, processes and activities

  • Contribute to the development of MSIF policy and practice and consult on current and potential MSIF projects through membership of and participation in MSIF’s six-monthly CEO Advisory Group meetings
  • Participate in and vote on (Full members) decisions including the Board Slate at MSIF’s Council Meetings
  • Nominate leading scientists and clinicians in your country to MSIF’s International Medical & Scientific Board (IMSB), and, if applicable, nominate staff representatives to the MSIF Research Staff Network, in order to guide the development of MSIF’s involvement in and support for international research, clinical and access projects
  • Nominate a staff member to be part of the Communications Platform, in order to receive updates on information resources, digital tools and campaign materials
  • Join the international fundraising campaign, Kiss Goodbye to MS, and receive free branding, resources and support
  • Participate in and influence the development of global projects and programmes by attending MSIF Council, Board and Committee Meetings, and taking part in committees, work groups and consultations *
  • Nominate people with MS (pwMS) to participate in various work groups, panels and consultations, as well as to attend the International PwMS Forum, ensuring that people affected by MS are central to MSIF’s work *

Strengthen your organisation’s profile and visibility

  • Use the ‘part of MSIF’ logo on your organisation’s website, and in your publications and correspondence, as a way to show your commitment to good practice and excellence, and your active involvement in the global MSIF movement
  • Have your organisation featured as a member on the MSIF website
  • Host an MSIF Council Meeting to bring awareness of your organisation’s work and achievements to the attention of national media, decision-makers and the wider MS community in your country
  • Act as a lead agency, on behalf of the MSIF movement, to support the delivery of key global projects and programmes that will make a difference in your country and throughout the world
  • Have your activities and news featured in MSIF’s online newsletter, MS Connections, and on MSIF’s social media channels *
  • Have your information resources featured in the resource hub on MSIF’s website (under development)
  • Have your logo featured on the World MS Day website, make use of the tools, participate in and have your events and activities shared on the website, social media channels and in the newsletter 

Strengthen your organisation’s effectiveness, capacity and skills (of staff/volunteers)

  • Apply for small grants to support your work (e.g. World MS Day and information resource development)
  • Participate in live global webinars on topics relevant to your organisation (e.g. World MS Day)
  • Attend and present/speak at international workshops, training sessions and events (e.g. Fundraising Workshops) *
  • Apply for financial support to attend MSIF Council, Board and Committee Meetings *
  • Receive remote or in-person support/guidance from MSIF on fundraising, events, initiatives or other (urgent) national matters *
  • Participate, where appropriate, in mutually beneficial MSIF capacity-building programmes *

 Stay connected and informed

  • Contribute to and provide feedback on MSIF’s publications and tools (e.g. Fatigue guide, Sex and MS animation, providing case studies for the Quality of Life Principles)
  • Translate and adapt MSIF information resources and publications so that they can be better accessed by people affected by MS in your country or region *


* MSIF members have priority access to these benefits.


If your MS organisation is interested in applying for membership or becoming more involved in the movement, please contact us to find out more (select ‘Membership’ from the enquiry dropdown).