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Desiré Against MS

Desire poses at her MS Fundraiser

“My story begins February 2008, I was 23, I was a recent college graduate. I was working a highly sought-after public accounting job. I had moved to a city where I worked long hours in a quest to climb the corporate ladder. In early 2008 I had started experiencing random numbness, it went from being one foot to one leg, from one leg to both legs. It felt like my limbs had fallen asleep, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.

MS continues to be My Story to tell, and I am thankful to have platforms like Kiss Goodbye to MS where I can share my story in an effort to empower others. From the time I noticed my first symptom, until the time I was diagnosed was less than 6 months, but I know people across the world are still fighting to get their diagnosis – to get answers. Let’s help them not only get answers but let’s help them KISS GOODBYE TO MS!”


Rachel Against MS

Rachel and Herbie Fundraise for MS at the Eifel Tower

“Herbie and I are taking part a 300 mile charity ride from London to Paris in July 2018 for a charity close to our hearts.

I have secondary progressive MS and we are riding to raise funds for the MS International Federation.

Relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) is the most common type of MS, and is characterised by partial or full recovery after attacks, or relapses. This was how my MS began, back in 2003 after the birth of my 3rd child but, as is so often the case it took a further 6 years for an official diagnosis.

I would like to raise  sponsorship so that research can be carried supporting the greatest minds across the globe to find treatments and aid advances into potential cures for my fellow sufferers of MS all over the world.”


Kirsty and Family Against MS

A photo of Kirsty and her mum from childhood as a tribute MS fundraiser

Kirsty and her family recently raised nearly £4,000 for World MS Day.

They chose to raise money in tribute to Kirsty’s Mother, Noelle, who passed away five days before World MS Day 2019. Kirsty described her mother as an “incredibly strong woman”, and it was this strength and their childhood of growing up in multiple countries, South Africa and Australia, that inspired them to say goodbye to Noelle with a fundraiser for World MS Day.

You can now fundraise for World MS Day all year around; for your birthday, to say goodbye to someone special, to celebrate an achievement, or anything that’s important to you. The money you raise will help create a world without MS, and help people like Noelle and Kirsty who show us all how to be strong.


Josefin Against MS

Josefin poses with her dad for her MS Facebook Fundraiser

“My name is Josefin, from Sweden. I chose to fundraise for MS because my father got diagnosed when he was young.

He told me about his experience when he walked on asphalt but for him it felt like he was walking in sand. My mom took him to the hospital where they took some tests to see what it was. He lost the feeling in his legs and he stayed in the hospital with cortisone drip for six days before he got the feeling in his legs back. By this time they knew he had MS. To hear this makes me very sad that my father had to go through this. I know that he doesn’t have the worst case of MS and that there are people that has it much worse but it’s still my father and I feel sad for both him and the other people going through this, but this doesn’t bring my father down he still works and has fun with his family and i am proud over him for that.

I want there to be more studies about medication and the disease and to make that happen ASAP.”


Join Desiré, Rachel, Kirsty, and Josefin in supporting the fight against MS. There are many ways to fundraise and help.

  • You can set up a Facebook Fundraiser here: MSIF Facebook Fundraising.
  • Join the May 50K to walk or run 50 KM in May and raise funds to leave MS behind.
  • If you love cycling and are up for a challenge, sign up for Cykelnerven – Europe’s most unique and challenging charity cycling event.
  • World MS Day is a day of global solidarity. Donate through World MS Day’s website to show our collective action and inspire hope.

If you would need advice, materials or inspiration contact Shona by email