Hear from leading MS experts in a discussion about recent advances and what lies ahead in progressive MS research and treatment

Catch up on this important, timely discussion about recent advances in progressive MS research and what is being learned about the effects of COVID-19 on people with MS.

New, life-changing treatments are urgently needed for people with progressive MS. Hear from leading MS experts about how we are gaining insights into understanding what causes progression, finding ways to shorten the time it takes to conduct clinical trials and identifying potential treatment breakthroughs.

COVID-19 is a big concern for people with MS. Early efforts are underway to understand the impact the virus is having on people with MS and what strategies can help minimise its effect. Discover what is being learned through studies at a global level, in Italy, North America and elsewhere.

Jon Strum was the facilitator for the panel discussion. Jon’s wife Jeanne lived for over 20 years with progressive MS. Through their journey, Jon has become a global leader in the MS movement, advocating for solutions so that people affected by MS can lead their best lives. He is a lay member of the International Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee and hosts the weekly podcast, Real Talk MS.

Jon was joined by Professor Alan Thompson, Chair of the Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee and Pro Vice-Provost and Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences at University College London; Professor Maria Pia Sormani, University of Genoa, biostatistics expert in MS and lead in a COVID-19 and MS study; and Timothy Coetzee, PhD, Chief Advocacy, Service and Research Officer at the National MS Society (U.S.) and member of the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee.

There is an urgent, worldwide need for life-changing solutions for people affected by progressive MS. The International Progressive MS Alliance is working to answer that need, rallying the global community in an unprecedented collaboration of MS organisations, researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by MS. The MS International Federation is proud to be a founding member of the International Progressive MS Alliance.