Is it MS or something else?

20th July 2023

Global MS experts update recommendations for the differential diagnosis of MS

Professor Xavier Montalban wins the prestigious MS Charcot Award

30th June 2023

Professor Montalban wins the 2023 lifetime achievement award for outstanding research into the understanding and treatment of…

Global webcast on ending MS progression

27th June 2023

Research advances that could lead to breakthrough treatments in progressive MS

Global barriers to MS diagnosis

16th June 2023

Importance of training and education for healthcare professionals is highlighted in new publication

Tawasol – June 2023 issue

13th June 2023

Your update from MS organisations in the Arab Region

MS organisations commit to a shared global research strategy to accelerate cures for MS

9th June 2023

Agreement seeks to coordinate resources on the highest potential research

MSIF emphasises need for treatments for neurological conditions during WHO meeting

25th April 2023

MSIF and neurological organisations' statement during the Essential Medicines List Committee open session

National advocacy with the MS Society of India

3rd April 2023

A look at some of MSSI’s most exciting advocacy work and MSIF’s visit to Delhi and Mumbai.

Visiting MS organisations in the Middle East and North Africa

3rd April 2023

MSIF’s Organisational Development and Movement Building (ODMB) team visited MS organisations in Egypt and Jordan to learn…

Adapting digital fundraising to our reality

3rd April 2023

Digital fundraising learnings from MS organisations in Latin America

BARCODING MS initiative wins the Italian MS Society a prestigious award

2nd March 2023

Congratulations to our member organisation in Italy on their award for best practice in collecting and sharing…

In the lab with Dr. Kshiteeja Jain

2nd March 2023

In conversation with a female MS researcher for International Women’s Day