Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Bundesverband e.V (DMSG) is the leading MS organisation in Germany. With its regional association in Baden-Württemberg, DMSG has launched an online training programme to help people with MS improve cognitive functions.

Around half of those living with MS experience cognitive changes. These include attention, information processing, memory, complex planning and problem solving. Such changes often lead to difficulties at home and work.

But cognitive disorders can be successfully reduced or improved through training programmes such as the DMSG’s.


The online programme describes the cognitive changes and outlines pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical approaches to treatment.

At the heart of the programme is a series of six exercises involving memory, attention and decision-making functions. All use practical examples of why they matter for everyday life.

For instance, there are exercises designed to improve attention; for the long-term memory and working memory; and Word Search, aimed at strengthening executive functions such as action planning and problem-solving, which play a central role in independent living.


DMSG Bundesverband e.V was founded in the 1950s as an association of medical professionals, representing the interests of people with MS and organising their socio-medical follow-up care. DMSG includes the federal association, 16 regional associations and 900 local contact groups, with 4,230 volunteers and 245 full-time employees. Overall, DMSG has 45,000 members.

Go to the training programme on the DMSG website

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