This year’s World MS Day campaign will be publicly launched on 16 April, when campaigners will start to celebrate the people and organisations that have made less difficult for people affected by MS.

People can share a message with the person or organisation they want to celebrate by email, by post, or on social media (using the hashtag #strongerthanMS).

The multilingual campaign website launched in January now includes a map of World MS Day events. If you’re involved in an event, why not add it to the map?


The campaign team has gathered many inspiring examples of how people and organisations have made less difficult for people affected by MS. These include:

  • Organisations and institutions that have successfully improved access to health care, buildings, transport etc.
  • Policy makers who have spoken up for the interests of people affected by MS
  • Employers who have implemented great workplace policies or made reasonable adjustments that enable people affected by MS to stay at work.

Sophie Paterson, communications manager at MS International Federation, says: “We will be running the World MS Day campaign across social media using the #strongerthanMS hashtag and shareable images that represent strength and teamwork.

“ Together we’ll generate thousands of messages that celebrate networks of support, share achievements, raise awareness and inspire action, breaking down even more barriers to living with MS.”

There are lots of other ways you can get involved with this year’s World MS Day:

  • sign up for the campaign e-newsletter
  • follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • use the World MS Day logo or other campaign materials on your website, car window, Facebook or office noticeboard.

World MS Day is steered by an international working group drawn from the MS International Federation’s member organisations.

A woman in a yellow headscarf holds a microphone as she speaks to the room

A speaker at a World MS Day event in Yemen

A group of people in Australia sitting for a photo

A World MS Day 'Living Positively Luncheon' in Queensland, Australia

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