Under the patronage of Former Minister Mr Dimyanos Qatter, and on the occasion of the International Year of Light, Rahbat Elqalbyen Elaqdaseen high school in Zahle in Lebanon organised an NGO fair called ‘ Let the light emerge’ on 20 March 2015. The Lebanese MS Friends Society (ALSEP) organised an awareness-raising event at the fair. Fourteen volunteers distributed newly printed brochures with information about MS and ALSEP activities, reaching around 800 people.

At the fair ALSEP used a number of tools to demonstrate MS symptoms – like a pair of gloves that made it hard to pick up things. The attendees have tried the tools to feel how some of MS symptoms are like.

This way of explaining MS well received by large number of the attendees who have tried the tools.

ALSEP also fundraised by selling candy and recruited new volunteers, receiving 28 voluntary applications.


Mariam TV channel interviewed Mrs Maha Malouf Kassouf, ALSEP’s President, who talked about their activities and services and participation in MSIF’s capacity-building programmes. It also hosted the society’s volunteer and psychological support specialist, Mrs Elise Hadad, who talked about ALSEP’s psychological support service and her participation in training organised by MSIF in Jordan. This was the second time she had appeared on the channel this year.

Maha had also been interviewed by Mariam TV channel earlier in the year. She talked about the services provided by ALSEP centre in Zahle, its achievements and future projects. She also discussed the social and medical meetings and member and patient participations in a number of conferences and meetings.

ALSEP has been selected by MSIF to be part of the capacity-building programme that that has helped the society improve its performance and services.

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