The Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association has translated MSIF’s ‘Seven principles to improve quality of life with MS’ into Greek.

The principles, which were published in May 2017, are the MSIF movement’s call to action on quality of life. They are based on extensive consultation with people from over 30 countries, identifying what influences quality of life for people affected by MS. The principles show where progress can make a real difference to individuals.

We invite everyone to use the principles in their own way:

  • as individuals: to think about our own quality of life and what we can do to enhance it, whether we have MS or know someone who does
  • as MS organisations: in shaping and evaluating our strategies, programmes, advocacy and research

And we call on others to join us:

  • healthcare professionals and providers of services to people affected by MS: to understand how what they do and how they do it affects quality of life
  • researchers and product developers: to shape their investigations and the way they carry them out
  • governments and health authorities: to help shape laws, policies and actions

Alongside Greek, the principles are also available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Italian.