Professors Robert Fox and Ruth Ann Marrie, International Progressive MS Alliance researchers and neurologists, will share what we are learning about progressive MS and the launch of important, new research initiatives that will fuel the development of breakthrough treatments for progressive MS.

There is an urgent need for new, effective treatments for people with progressive MS. Learn how the Progressive MS Alliance is driving three research priorities to meet that urgent need:

  • Understand, prevent and reverse progression
  • Speed up and improve clinical trials
  • Improve well-being through proven therapeutic approaches

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Webcast Panel


Beccy Huxtable is a project manager at the BBC. A former producer and co-presenter of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1, Beccy left the show in 2013 after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis MS the prior year. Following her diagnosis, Beccy spoke about her experience of MS on air and in media interviews, and was named Inspiration of the Year at The MS Society Awards in 2013 for her work in raising awareness. Beccy continues to support the UK MS Society through writing blogs, giving media interviews and speaking at information events.


Professor Robert Fox is the Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Progressive MS Alliance.  He serves as Staff Neurologist at the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Vice-Chair for Research at the Neurological Institute, Cleveland Clinic, and Professor of Neurology at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Dr Fox’s research interests focus on clinical trials in multiple sclerosis, innovative MRI techniques to evaluate tissue recovery after injury and the effects of MS treatments, as well as MS patient decision-making and tolerance to risk. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and books. In addition, he serves as the Managing Director of the NARCOMS MS Patient Registry.

Professor Ruth Ann Marrie is the Vice Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Progressive MS Alliance.  She serves as the Professor of Medicine and Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. Dr Marrie’s research interests focus on the epidemiology of MS including the impact of comorbid conditions on outcomes, etiologic factors for MS, and pediatric MS. She has published more than 350 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. In addition, she serves as the Waugh Family Chair in Multiple Sclerosis, Scientific Director of the NARCOMS MS Patient Registry and as the Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee for the MS Society of Canada.

This webcast was live-streamed from the MS International Federation Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The International Progressive MS Alliance is a first-of-its-kind global research network aimed at accelerating the development of new, effective treatments for progressive MS. We are rallying the world through an unprecedented collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by MS. Our promise is more than hope; it is progress.

MSIF is proud to be a leading member of the International Progressive MS Alliance.