We are all getting older, but ageing with MS can bring its own unique complications. These are explored in ‘Ageing with MS’ the last issue of MS in Focus magazine.

ageing and MS: a close up of a man's feet in a wheelchairMS Australia are currently focusing on ageing and MS in their advocacy work. In Australia, people with MS are included in the ‘aged care system’ once they reach the age of 65. However, this system is designed to address ageing, not disability. This could leave older people with MS without the support and adaptations they need to have a good quality of life.

MS Australia is looking for action in the policy space to ensure far more integration between the health, aged and disability care systems so that, for example, people with MS over 65 with a level of disability have access to reasonable and necessary supports.

Find out more about MS Australia’s work to improve the national Aged Care/Disability Care interface, including services for people with MS 65 and over.

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