The decision to accept EME as an associate member was confirmed by MSIF’s board of trustees at their June 2021 board meeting. It is a proud moment for everyone affected by MS in Spain and the global movement.

EME’s membership journey

In April 2019, the MSIF Council approved the motion for MSIF membership to be open to more than one organisation from each country. EME, having held Supporting Organisation status since 2010, applied for MSIF associate membership.

MSIF’s existing member in Spain, the Asociación Española de Esclerosis Múltiple (AEDEM), welcomed EME’s application, commenting:

‘AEDEM has a good and ongoing relationship with EME driven by our President, Pedro Cuesta, and we are sure that their new status in MSIF will help Spain to be all bar three of Spain’s provinces further represented and we will continue working together on our shared objectives.’

Supporting the MS community in Spain

Around 55,000 people with MS in Spain are supported by MS organisations like AEDEM and EME. EME is a membership organisation, bringing 37 associations and MS foundations together. Each year EME participates in World MS Day, runs its annual Mójate (Get Wet for MS) swimming campaign and marks Spain’s National MS Day on 18 December. EME manages the coordination, delivery and evaluation of these awareness-raising campaigns across its member entities.

EME’s vision is for people with MS to have the best quality of life, as well as full access to all kinds of treatments and support. EME also works to promote scientific and social MS research. The organisation provides free and accessible information on the latest MS news and research. EME’s online channels offer digital tools and support to thousands across Spain and beyond.

Working together with a global vision

Becoming a member of MSIF is a moment of pride for EME. EME’s Executive Director, Pedro Carrascal Rueda, says:

‘We have worked with the international MS community for 15 years. We initially joined as observers, then board members in 2007, as a Supporting Organization in 2010, and now as an associate member. We are so grateful for what we have learned. This is a great success for the whole MS community and shows the value of working together with a global vision to end MS forever. EME is incredibly proud to be accepted as an associate member of MSIF. We will continue working in community for people affected by MS in Spain and across the world.’

A huge congratulations to EME! MSIF looks forward to continuing to work closely together. If your organisation would like to learn more about the process for becoming an MSIF member, click here.

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