The Greek Multiple Sclerosis Society (GMSS) is organizing a unique event to take people living with MS and their caregivers on an adventure across Greece. The ‘Tour Olympus Mythic paths’ is a six-day guided tour from Mount Olympus, to the archaeological site of Dion. The trip is tailored to meet different mobility needs, in an inclusive cultural experience open to participants around the world.

The tour will take place from May 24 to May 29, 2024. The itinerary includes cultural exploration, ancient Greek history, and wellness activities, with the aim to build a sense of community among participants.

Th Greek MS Society say ‘This unique event is thoughtfully crafted to offer an inclusive experience for individuals living with multiple sclerosis, embracing all levels of functionality. Immerse yourself in Ancient Greek culture while savoring in the rejuvenating benefits of the welcoming Greek nature.’

  • Day 1 arrival at Paralia Katerini beach for a participant dinner at the hotel
  • Day 2 option to ascend the majestic Mt Olympus, during a scenic hike.
  • Day 3, explore the “Path of Love and Wishes” in Ano Milia, accompanied by a botanical tour, creating memories against a backdrop of natural beauty.
  • Day 4 features a visit to the archaeological site of Dion, coupled with therapeutic horse-riding.
  • Day 5 presents an optional cultural journey to Vergina and Veria,
  • Day 6. Group farewell and final breakfast

‘Join us on this empowering and enriching nature expedition, to celebrate life, Greek culture, and the importance of community.’ Greek MS Society

If you would like to learn more about the tour packages, you can visit the event website where early booking is available until 15 of February.