For this year’s World MS Day, the Russian MS Society escaped the hustle and bustle of city life to get in touch with nature, journeying deep into the forested mountains to give people with MS a relaxing, invigorating, yet informative World MS Day event.

In a recreation centre near the Psekups River, people with MS gathered to socialise, relax, and learn useful information about MS research and treatment. In the peace and tranquillity of the riverside setting, Irina Kodzhayeva, Head of the Krasnodar Centre for Family Rehabilitation and vice-president of the society’s Krasnodar chapter, educated participants about the pharmaceutical interventions that are available for MS today – a session designed to fit this year’s research theme for World MS Day. Irina offered valuable information about the provision of treatments in Russia, the benefits of these treatments, rules for prescribing treatments and related legislation.

Attendees also enjoyed walks by the river and to nearby springs and waterfalls, carp fishing, horse-riding and even a delicious barbecue.

In line with this year’s Bringing Us Closer campaign, participants came together to celebrate the fact that they had known each other for more than ten years and even shared some of their life mottos, including ‘Go ahead and do not give up!’ This diverse event culminated in an entertaining talent show.

Pavel Zlobin of the Russian MS Society, said, ‘the sharing of important information, a good helping of vivacity, fun and lots of positive emotions and a wonderful mood throughout truly energised us!’